(Kiel Watson/MJ)

The 1968 film Bullitt made the Mustang Bullitt an American icon of the road. Now, 50 years after filming wrapped up, Ford Motor Co. has the classic car on display next to the head-turning 2019 Mustang Bullitt at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Lead actor Steve McQueen famously made several attempts to purchase the car from the Warner Bros. employee who bought it after filming, to no avail. After purchasing the car when post-production wrapped in 1968, Robert Kiernan, Jr.’s wife used it as a daily driver until the clutch went one day and the car was moved into the garage for a long retirement.

After Kiernan passed away, his son, Sean Kiernan, inherited the car and took steps to restore it to its original condition. Sean eventually contacted Ford regarding the car, and they were happy to get their hands on it to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Bullitt.

With a top speed currently at 168 mph and only available only in a 6-speed manual, the new Bullitt is a car for serious drivers. The Bullitt is one of the fastest production Mustangs, already beating the GT for horsepower, and the model is still being tuned for even more power.