By: Kiel Watson

There are numerous options for sushi in the Dearborn area, but if you want quality food in a good atmosphere that won’t break the bank, look no further than O’Sushi.o

While sushi may be their specialty, a wide variety of hot food and appetizers are on the menu, as well as signature sake-infused cocktails.

The sushi menu itself is huge; whether you want high quality fish, a roll with a fried-to-a-crunch exterior, or mouth blistering levels of spice, you’ll be able to find something here. For those that are uncertain about entering the world of sushi, they have options such as the buffalo roll (cooked beef, red pepper), or california roll (crab).

While the sushi rolls show off the expert artistry of the itamae (japanese title for sushi-chef), the culinary skills of those in the kitchen truly shine with their hot dishes, appetizers and desserts. Aside from the array of soups and salads on the menu, the pan fried gyoza (think potstickers) and steamed shumai (bite-sized steamed shrimp dumplings) are a great start to a meal.

There are a variety of beef and chicken entrees to choose from, as well as udon and soba noodle plates. Some items, such as the spicy chicken, are specials that you may not find in an online menu. If you are dining in there’s a special treat–they serve authentic and filling spicy bowls of ramen in house. Green tea or red bean mochi (think cake-pops) and ice cream are available for dessert, as well as flavors like chocolate and vanilla for the less adventurous.

Overall the food is excellent, the atmosphere and decoration is pleasant both inside and on their outdoor patio, and the prices are reasonable (compared to, say, Kabuki across the street.) Parking in the complex is easy to find also, which can be a hassle with many downtown West Dearborn restaurants.