By Aubree Stamper, Photo Editor

  1. Marriage, Not Dating

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This drama was hilarious through and through, and revolves around my favorite type of plot: the fake marriage. Gong Gi-tae (Yeon Woo-jin) doesn’t want to get married, so to get his family off his back he brings home the wild, scene-making but very kind-hearted Joo Jang-mi (Han Groo) and they fake being in a relationship. But it soon turns into a battle between the couple and Gi-tae’s mother who is suspicious and won’t oppose the marriage to end the scheme. Along the way though, fake emotions become genuine and the two find it difficult to call it off and tell the truth after taking it too far. This drama has some crazy and ridiculous scenes I’ve never seen in K-dramas before and I loved every minute of it from beginning to end!

  1. The K2
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It’s no question that Ji Chang Wook is one of the industry’s hottest actors (literally and metaphorically) but this is probably his best role yet. His character Je Ah is a highly trained, highly dangerous ex-special forces soldier who gets recruited by the terrifying Choi Yoo Jin (whose husband Jang Se Joon is running for President)–but only after she fails to capture and kill him several times and he blackmails her. Je Ah and Choi Yoo Jin then team up in order to take out a common enemy; Je Ah needs Yoo Jin’s resources while she needs his skills. But while protecting Jang Se Joon’s daughter Anna (played by Girls Generation’s Yoona), whom he had with his mistress, Je Ah falls in love with her and will do anything protect her from Choi Yoo Jin’s wrath while also attempting to get his revenge. This drama was thrilling the entire way through and had tons of crazy action scenes!

  1. Just Between Lovers
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I’ve been saying lately that I wanted to watch a K-drama where the male lead wasn’t a perfect, rich CEO. A drama where the couple are both young, don’t have much, and come from not so well-off families–which is actually realistic–and this one is it. Gang Doo and Moon Soo are both survivors of a tragic disaster that occurred when they were younger, and both lost family members because of it. Fate brings them together 10 years later and they’re able to help each other deal with what happened and heal. As a result of the incident, Moon Soo becomes an architect but Gang Doo falls into debt trying to take care of his sister and must do whatever lowly jobs come his way in order to make ends meet–which makes him feel like he’s not good enough for Moon Soo. This is a beautiful drama with great acting by 2pm’s Junho and actress Won Ji Ah even though this is her first drama.  It instantly became one of my favorites!

  1. I’m not a Robot
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This drama is really unique and has a plot that I’ve never seen before, which is why I enjoyed it so much. Kim Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) is the CEO of a large company and develops a life-threatening allergy to other humans after his parents’ death. This causes him to live in solidarity for 15 years while his doctor tries to find a cure. In the meantime, he secretly tests out an extremely realistic human-looking robot that was created within his company. But little does he know, the real robot is under construction and the research team sends in the real-life woman that the robot was modeled after: Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo-bin) a.k.a the lead scientists ex-girlfriend. The CEO falls for the woman who he thinks is a robot after she cures his disease and gives him the ability to live a normal life again–and then madness ensues. This drama is super cute and hilarious, one of the best of 2017!

  1. Because This is my First Life
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This drama also deals with the fake marriage plot but in a different way. Se-hee (Lee Min-ki) doesn’t want to get married and by accident, the quiet and cute writer Ji-ho (Jung So-min) becomes his roommate. As an extremely cold and nit-picky person, no roommate can live up to his standards until Ji-ho moves in who he believes is the perfect roommate. Eventually they decide to fake a marriage to please their families, and plan to get a divorce after 2 years. Along the way as they learn about each other and spend time with each other’s families, the two grow attached and fall in love, but face some unexpected obstacles.

  1. Let’s Fight Ghost
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This horror-thriller drama had an ending that for once I could not predict and did not see coming at all! Bong-pal (played by 2pm’s Taecyeon), a college student who sees ghosts, uses his power to fight them off and get rid of them for people in exchange for large sums of money. One day while working, he comes across a pretty young ghost (Kim So-hyun) who he cannot defeat. She does not remember who she is or how she died, and she ends up following around the only human who can see her, Bong-pal. Eventually he agrees to help her discover who she is in exchange for her helping him fight evil ghosts. It seems like there is no happy way for the drama to end since she is already a ghost, until the plot takes an unexpected turn!

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