To continue its philanthropic efforts, Tau Kappa Epsilon plans to host a benefit dinner to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which has a national charity partnership with the fraternity. TKE gave out free coffee and collected money for the hospital during the first week of the semester on Jan. 10.

Aaron Kipfmiller, the president of TKE, said he is still in the process of planning the event and did not choose a date yet. He estimates it would take place between late March and the beginning of April.

“This semester I really want to focus on fundraising for St. Jude. That’s kind of my big spot light goal for our philanthropy efforts,” he said. “I’m trying to reach a certain goal of raising money for them.”

TKE held a benefit dinner around the end of March last year for the Dearborn Police Explorer program, which helps with training young men and women who are interested in joining the police. Kipfmiller said he wants to mimic the same idea, but this time to raise money for St. Jude Hospital.

The fraternity also organized a march in April 2017 with chapters from Central Michigan University and Eastern Michigan University to raise awareness for St. Jude. They pushed a wheelbarrow for donations from the UM-Dearborn campus to the TKE Delta Pi house in Ypsilanti.

“That’s one of my favorite parts of being in a fraternity,” Kipfmiller said, “There’s a settlement directly focused on community service and helping others–which in other clubs and organizations you don’t necessarily get that,” Kipfmiller said.

There are currently around 20 TKE members in the UM-Dearborn chapter. Kipfmiller said he thinks being part of TKE brings opportunity and strengthens networking with alumni and other organization members.

“You belong to a community of people that are with you throughout your entire college career. You don’t just disappear,” he said. “Even though we are on a commuter campus we all still come together all the time.”