Credit: wonderlandmagazine


Christopher Brent Wood, who goes by the name Brent Faiyaz, is a singer and record producer who has recently come to my attention and now he’s coming to yours.

The 22-year old is a native of Baltimore and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, then finally moving to LA to further pursue his music career. In 2014, like many upcoming artists, Faiyaz began uploading his music to SoundCloud.

In January of 2015, he released his debut single “Allure.” A year and five months later, “Invite Me” was the lead single that dropped for his debut EP, “A.M. Paradox” which dropped in September of 2016 on his 21st birthday.

The EP received positive reviews. I recently listened to this project and liked it. If you’re into R&B music and are looking for something to listen to relax and do homework or chill, Faiyaz is your guy. My pick to listen to off of this project is “Insecure.”

In October 2016, Faiyaz, along with record producers Dpat and Atu, formed a group they called Sonder. They released their debut single “Too Fast” later that month which appeared on their debut EP “Into” that was released in January 2017.

Later in 2017, Faiyaz appeared on the hit song “Crew” by Goldlink, the original and the remix. He is featured with Shy Glizzy and Gucci Mane. Fun fact, I knew this song, but didn’t know he was on it until it was brought to my attention. That’s how I started listening to Faiyaz’s own work.

In October 2017, Faiyaz released his debut album, “Sonder Son.” I recently found out about this album and enjoyed it. The 12 song R&B/Soul project is reminds me of Daniel Caesar’s “Freudian.” It has a super chill sound to it that puts you in a mellow mood.

“Gang Over Luv” is a song that makes you appreciate reminisce on your closest friendships. Faiyaz sings over a smooth beat and this is definitely one of my favorites from this project.

Skipping down to “Missin Out” and “Stay Down” are another two of my favorites. In “Missing Out” he sings about someone missing out by not coming by to kick it and “Stay Down” is a little love song that lifts up your mood on a bad day.

Another hit from this album is “Talk 2 U” where he proclaims his feelings about a girl he wants to talk to and get to know over an upbeat sound. This track leads in perfectly to the next song, “Sonder Son (Interlude)” where the vibe is flipped, music and lyrics. Faiyaz goes from opening his heart willingly on an upbeat track to throwing up his walls and saying no to love over a somber sound. Despite the depressing message, the song is still one I enjoy to listen to because music.

On the last two songs “Needed” and “All I Want,” Faiyaz toys with your emotions yet again. On “Needed” he’s saying f you to the girl that wasn’t there for the come up but is trying to be there now that he’s made it and he is over it. On the other hand, on “All I Want” he hits you with another little love song about how he adores this girl and the chorus is just what every girl wants to hear.

Overall I enjoyed this album. It is one that I can play all the way through without having to skip any songs and that is something rare. I’m curious to see what else Faiyaz is working on. So now that he’s got your attention, give his work a listen!