By Veronica Rates, Staff Writer

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done on your to-do list.

Ethan Covert has those days often.

Covert, a freshman at UM-Dearborn, is a standout defensemen for the men’s lacrosse team, involved heavily in the student government and volunteers at a local elementary school at least once a week.

He’s been playing lacrosse since the sixth grade and has played for his summer club team, Team Total since he was a sophomore.

He was All-Region his senior year of high school at South Lyon after lettering for three years. He had many options as far as playing at the collegiate level. Covert chose to attend UM-Dearborn over offers from Michigan State, Kalamazoo College, and Albion College. 

“I decided to come to UM-D because it is a great school and I liked how my coaches made it clear in the recruiting process that school comes first and that lacrosse would not be treated as a full time job,” Covert said. 

When he’s not on the field during lacrosse practice, he’s a member of UM-Dearborn’s student government. A political science major, Covert holds hopes of attending law school once he finishes his undergraduate degree.

He sits on the Rules and Ethics committee as well as the Public Relations committee. Because of the well-rounded school-athlete balance, it allowed Covert to be heavily involved in other things he’s is passionate about–especially with lacrosse. 

You would think being involved with the student government, an athlete, along with taking classes, he would never have time for anything else. 

But he does. 

Covert volunteers with the Mentors for a Brighter Day organization, which is through the university. He heads to Whitmore-Bolles Elementary School in Dearborn at least once a week where he spends time with his mentee during their free time at school. 

“I have been volunteering my whole life through organizations such as Boy Scouts of America, National Honor Society, Key Club and others,” Covert says. “Unfortunately I had to leave these clubs when coming to UM-D which is why I joined Mentors for a Brighter Day to help fill that void.

“Each time I go to see my mentee, it is my only goal to improve his day even if it’s only in the very slightest way,” he says. “And if I’m successful in that, I feel that what we are doing is something that is truly making a difference in the local Dearborn area.”

His motivation was brought to light by his parents. He says his parents were able provide him a life not many others are privileged to have and showed him true core values. Volunteering in his community and giving back were just a few. 

Covert is able to carry his experiences from his volunteer work to the lacrosse field, and it shows.

“Ethan brings a very calm, and structured playing style to the team,” assistant coach Mike Wagner said. “He is dependable, reliable, always on time for practice, and is extremely coachable.”

“Balancing all of this has allowed Ethan to demonstrate time management skills, and the ability to commit himself to several activities without burning himself out,” Wagner said, “which is a great example for everyone on the team.”  

Wagner believes Covert will be an essential to the team in the years coming, considering he is only in his freshman season. The team was 5-6 last season and the upcoming schedule is stacked with some of the top squads in the NAIA. Covert will bring power to the team’s defense along with the help of his experienced teammates, which includes five seniors and five juniors. 

“Ethan is the type of player you want to be the face of your program and someone you can build around for the future,” Wagner says.” He said it was a no-brainer to pursue Covert and feels he is a perfect fit for the program.

Covert shows a humble attitude and has a drive to make a difference in the Dearborn community, along with putting in ample time for his own anticipated success. Expect Covert to leave an impact in his tenure here at UM-Dearborn.

He’s only one semester in and already making his mark as a Wolverine. And he hasn’t even hit the field yet.