When you’re at school for long days at a time and forget to pack a lunch or aren’t able to leave campus and go to a nearby restaurant, picking something up from the cafeteria would be someone’s best bet. It’d be easy enough to go over to the University Center and decide what you want to eat. However, not having a menu online that could show what is available each day or specials of the day can be seen as inconvenient.

Most grade and high schools have a lunch menu available online for students and parents to view so they can prepare for the week, and see when they would want to buy or pack a lunch for that day. With how pricey some of the meals can be, whether they’re a special for the day or figuring out what to spend on breakfast or lunch, it’s best to plan ahead.

It would also be more appealing for incoming students who want to know the meal plans available from the cafeteria anywhere on the main campus. It would allow everyone to see what’s available and perhaps create an open dialogue for what students would like to see offered in the cafeteria. Maybe there could be surveys around the end of the month with options that students could fill out online with options for next month’s meals, or sharing constructive opinions about what’s already provided as well as the service of the workers so the cafeteria can function more efficiently and benefit everyone.

With the busy schedules many college students have to face, something convenient like an online lunch menu would no doubt be beneficial for everyone. Being able to see what is available to eat in advance as well as the prices for said meals would be appreciated. This way they could plan their days or weeks ahead of time and have one less stress on their minds. This is something I feel the school and students would be able to profit from in the long run.