UM-Dearborn released the results of the sexual misconduct survey it commissioned in the spring of 2017.

The survey, which surveyed 1,218 students on the Dearborn campus, found that seven percent of students experienced a non-consensual sexual experience in the past 12 months. 77.1 percent of these experiences took place off-campus, which the survey defined as a location half a mile away from campus.

Of the students that experienced a non-consensual sexual experience, 64.4 percent didn’t tell anyone about the incident.

The survey also reported that there were at least two cases of sexual misconduct involving a UM-Dearborn professor. The report doesn’t specify the nature of the misconduct or whether any disciplinary action took place.

The survey highlighted the lack of student awareness regarding the resources available on campus.

Even though 80 percent of students knew that the University has a sexual misconduct and assault policy, only 50 percent knew where to find the policy, and only 49 percent knew where to get help on campus if a sexual assault occurred.

These details are available at length on the Office of Institutional Equity’s webpage.

The report will be used to inform the University’s efforts to improve prevention and education efforts.

The full length report is available on the Human Resources page on the UM-Dearborn website.