Over the past week and weekend, new music has been playing through the low quality of my iPhone 6, but I enjoyed every minute of it. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to catch up on some of the fire that dropped within the past few weeks.  

Lil Yachty – Lil Boat 2

Lil Yachty brought us “Lil Boat 2” on Friday. He’s different than he was on his “Teenage Emotions” album that dropped this past summer. His sound is harder and he is less playful with his songs. Top picks from the 17 track project: “Selfmade,” “Talk To Me Nice” “Baby Daddy,” “She Ready,” and “Mickey.”

Logic – Bobby Tarantino II

I guess we should have seen this coming after dropping three singles within a couple weeks, but I missed the hints. Mixtape Logic is back! My favorite artist dropped this sequel to his “Bobby Tarantino” mixtape that dropped in 2016 and he did not disappoint.

In addition to fire bars, he has some hot features including 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. We also have the pleasure of hearing from Young Sinatra on “Warm It Up,” which takes your ears back to Logic’s Young Sinatra trilogy.

I can’t decide on my top picks from this project–I just recommend listening to it all. People say a sequel is never as good as the original, but I think thik BT2 is almost up there with BT1.

Jeremiah – The Chocolate Box

This R&B heartthrob hit us with a four track EP with songs tapping you into all types of ways.


I am a little late to the game with this album, but Tory Lanez was played heavy for a few days over this past week/weekend. I was not a huge fan, but this album intrigued me. He goes from spitting bars to stealing hearts with the tracks on this album. Some of my favorites that hit across that spectrum are: “Old Friends x New Foes,” “B.B.W. W x Fake Show,” “Pieces” “Connection,” and “Hypnotized.” This is a solid album that is worth checking out.

KYLE – To the Moon

With Kyle’s iconic voice, it’s hard to not like anything he drops. This upbeat single has me dreaming big and wondering whether or not he has a new project coming soon.

Vince Staples – Get The F**k off My Dick

The rapper addresses his haters on this track. It’s a fun hype song to play when you need a reminder to not care what others think of you. If you search through Twitter, you can find a video that Staples tweeted before releasing this track. In the video he calls out his haters and tells how he created a GoFundMe page where he stated he’ll “go away forever” if he raises $2 million with the page.

“You will never hear from me again: no songs, no interviews, no nothing,” he says in the video. “If not, you can let me choose to do what the f**k I want to do, when I want to do it.”

Jason Derulo – Colors

Jason Derulo released this track as the Coca Cola anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. His powerful and motivating lyrics over quick tribal beats fit that summer soccer vibe to a tee.

YFN Lucci – Ray Ray from Summerhill

From not knowing any of his previous albums, this project opened my ears to YFN Lucci. Top picks from the 20 track album: “My Time,” “Too Much,” and “Dream.”

Arin Ray – Platinum Fire

This is the artist’s debut album and worth a listen if you’re into R&B. A top pick would be “Take” and “With or Without.”