After three years, the ‘Kings of K-pop’ TVXQ have made their long-awaited return with their 8th full-length album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” on March 28.

The tracklist contains 11 new songs that tell a love story with various genres ranging from R&B to electro-pop, including new solo tracks from Yunho (“Puzzle”) and Changmin (“Closer”). The physical album itself has a magazine style concept with interviews with the two and a photo book featured inside.

TVXQ was formed by SM Entertainment and officially debuted back in 2004 with the adorable single “Hug.” Their success skyrocketed as they released albums like “Rising Sun” in 2005 and  ““O”-Jung.Ban.Hap.” in 2006. The group owned 2008 with their legendary hit song and album “Mirotic,” which won them their second Grand-Prize award for album of the year.

They achieved widespread popularity all throughout Asia, but especially in Japan where their most recent tour attracted 1 million audiences in total–something extremely difficult for a foreign act to do.

The duo, “U-Know” Yunho and “MAX” Changmin, released their last album “Rise As God” in 2015 right before starting their mandatory military enlistment. The last time they actually promoted an album though was with “Tense” in 2014.

For those who don’t know, all Korean men must serve in the military for about two years between the ages of 18-30, including celebrities. During this time they aren’t allowed to promote whatsoever.

After finishing their military service in 2017, the two released individual singles through SM Station (“DROP,” “In a Different Life“), completed a fan-meeting tour, released a Japanese album, and started Japanese tour.

For months though, rumors swirled about a TVXQ comeback in Korea around March, and then was finally confirmed earlier this month much to the fans’ excitement.

The album, representing a new chapter in the group’s career post-military, shows off a new image and sound for the idols who are now in their 15th year together.

The title song of the album is “The Chance of Love” is a jazz-based pop track with lyrics that speak of love and fate, relating to the two members’ fate of becoming TVXQ. The song has a sexy music video to match, where we get to see Yunho shirtless for the first time since “Mirotic” ten years ago! There will also music video for the fresh, relaxing track “Love Line” that will be released on April 3.

The final track, “Sun & Rain,” is a pop-ballad written by Changmin himself with poetic lyrics that express the warmth (sun) and sadness (rain) that come with falling in love. Other great tracks from the album to check out include “Bounce,” “Broken,” and “Only For You.”

The group, originally a quintet, has been through many hardships–like losing three members in 2009 (now promoting as JYJ), and Yunho being poisoned and traumatized by an anti-fan in 2006.

But 2018 marks the group’s 15th year together–a feat making them one of the longest-lasting groups in K-pop history. Which is why no one argues when they’re called “the kings of K-pop.”

TVXQ’s name in Korean is “Dong-bang-shin-ki” meaning “Gods from the East”–and they really are K-pop gods from the East!

You can check out TVXQ’s latest album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” on Spotify or iTunes!

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