On Sunday October 7, the Michigan-based metalcore band We Came As Romans (WCAR) played to a packed Fillmore audience–something they’ve been doing for many years–but this time someone was missing.

In late August WCAR’s lead singer Kyle Pavone was found unconscious in his home and after being rushed to the hospital, was pronounced dead from an accidental drug overdose.

The 28-year-old had struggled with heroine in the past.

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We Came As Romans is a metalcore band who formed in 2005 from Troy, Michigan. Their current lineup consists of Dave Stephens on vocals, Andy Glass on bass, Lou Cotton and Joshua Moore on guitar, and David Puckett on drums.

The band quickly made a name for themselves in the rock ‘n’ roll world, consistently charting on the Billboard 200 and taking part in over 25 tours since 2010.

Despite the tragedy, the band still began their fall U.S. tour with Bullet For My Valentine and Bad Omens to honor Kyle and keep his memory alive.

The band said: “We decided that the best course of action for the band is to do the Bullet for My Valentine tour. We feel like this honours Kyle. We can talk about the Kyle Pavone Foundation, and carry on doing what he would have wanted us to do and us be together on stage, playing music together, with our fans. We will not be replacing Kyle. We’ll be continuing on the five of us, and honoring his life for the next few weeks while we’re on tour.”

The tour stopped in their hometown Detroit on October 7 and while fans were heartbroken, the crowd still sang their heart out and rocked out with the band.

“We would just tour in a little van and we each got two dollars a day for food…It’s funny that those are some of my favorite times,” lead screamer and now singer Dave Stephens said, “What I’ve learned is, it’s not always the success that you cherish, but the sacrifices and the struggles that it took to get there.”

On the day of the show, the band announced a concert in Kyle’s honor, “The Kyle Pavone Foundation Promise Me Tribute” featuring We Came as Romans and other guest musicians. The show will take place at The Fillmore on October 28 and tickets are on sale now.

The Kyle Pavone Foundation was created to help the musician community when they are in need of hope and support. The band said:

“The opposite of addiction is connection. If you are feeling disconnected or lost, there is help. Please take action, whether that is talking to your families and friends, meeting with a counsellor or joining a support group. If you are a friend of family member of someone who is struggling, do not be silent! If you are an artist in need of support through your struggle, we have created the Kyle Pavone Foundation in Kyle’s honour to help.”

“Being on stage was Kyle’s favorite place to be,” Stephens told the Detroit crowd, “but not just any stage, this stage in Detroit, Michigan.”