UM-Dearborn prides itself in trying to be “not just a commuter school.” In doing so, the University offers a wide variety of student organizations for students to be apart of. However, there was one student organization in particular that Carolina Benn thought was missing.

Elegance Fashion is the “sleek and sexy” new student organization according to Carolina Benn, or as many will come to know her as, Lena.

Lena, 20, is a senior this year and the founder and president of EF. She has put her all into getting this organization off the ground and the time has finally come to share her vision with the rest of the university.

Since starting as a freshman here at UM-Dearborn, Lena has always had a vision of starting a fashion club. She has been in the modeling and performing arts business since she was a kid. Currently she works as a part-time model and dancer and has also produced several shows.

Lena always had a interest in fashion. However, growing up and watching as her body change over the years has made her scared to put herself out there.

“I didn’t want to hear what people think of me,” she shared. “I was scared of showing off what I have.”

This is what pushed Lena to found Elegance Fashion. She wanted to create a place where she, along with other students can express themselves and not just in fashion.  

“Let me stop being scared to do something big,” she said. “It was time for me to step out and do this thing.”

“I want to leave that mark of a different medium of community here,” she said. “I want it to help students become who they are and take students out of their shell.”

This drive took her to the Office of Student Engagement at the start of 2018 to get the process going. It has been a year-long process for Lena as she worked with the OSE finalizing the necessary paperwork to create a new student organization.

“I can’t believe it is finally happening,” she said about the first meeting in less than 24 hours during the time of our interview.  

Elegance Fashion is not just about fashion. Lena wants EF to be about celebrating the diversity and beauty of campus while utilizing each members’ talents and skills in the process. Lena wants to involve as many student organizations as she can.

“There is so many people wanting to get involved in the org,” she said. “I am so excited.”

Elegance Fashion has one main event each year, their fashion show in the spring. However, Lena wants EF to be about more than the show.

“It is about community building and celebrating beauty no matter what it looks like.”

The fashion show is going to be not your typical fashion show. In order to make that possible, help from various student organizations on campus is needed. Lena hopes to bring the school together to help showcase the diverse cultures and beauty of campus.

“It’s all in love and in fun,” she said of the organization.

How can you get involved? Be a member? Be a model? Work behind the scenes?

General body meetings take place every other Tuesday from 2-3 in the SOC.

Modeling Calls are taking place on November 5 and November 8 from 1-3:30 at FCN in the Michigan Room.

If your schedule conflicts with any of these times and you want to be involved, contact Lena directly through the EF email at

For more information, check out their VictorsLink

Be sure to follow them on social media!

Instagram: elegancefashionumd

Facebook: elegancefashionumd

Snapchat: eleganceumd