By Brighid Driscoll, Student Life Editor

The Dearborners (@Dearborners) Twitter account is full of hilarious, anecdotal jokes about Dearborn culture. The admin of the account agreed to do an interview with me. Although the jokes are mostly rooted in Arabic culture, many of them are relatable to any Dearborn resident or student. Make sure you check out their page out for some laughs.


  1. Do you wish to be anonymous? If not, feel free to give your name.

I wish to stay anonymous.


  1. What inspired you to make Dearborners?

About 3 or 4 years ago, my friends and I, out of nowhere, decided to create a Twitter account to showcase the people of Dearborn. We never gave it much thought and posted a few post which got a lot of attention. We had a lot of feedback that people wanted to hear more from us, so we continued on. Until this day the post are just made up on the spot and no thought into them. 


  1. You have a great sense of humor; do these jokes just come to you? Or do you have to cultivate them? 

The jokes come from everyday life. If I hear, see or experience something that is relatable and would make good content, it gets posted.


  1. Do you see any parallels from Arabic millennial’s over here to millennials overseas? 

Overseas communities and the Dearborn community are very similar. That is what is amazing about Dearborn.  You experience every part of the Middle East all in one city.


  1. Dearborners has a lot of relatable content, especially in arab culture. Do people ever get mad at your jokes on the Dearborners account?

With everything you do, there is always some backlash. When we first started the account we had a lot of people who thought we were putting a bad name on Dearborn, but really we just wanted to be relatable. We tell it how it is and some people take it to offense. 


  1. What’s a bigger cultural Dearborn icon, HFCC or UM-Dearborn? Which school do you go to? What do you like about it? 

HFCC is the biggest icon in Dearborn because it’s basically high school in college form. 90% of Dearborn residents have attended HFCC whether you where enrolled for college or taking classes in high school. Awesome school because you see all the cousins lol. However, a Dearborn icon bigger than HFCC is the U of M Dearborn Library. Not the university as a whole, just the library. It’s a party every finals week. I used to go to HFCC and currently at Wayne State now. I like the area around it. We have a lot of food choice, not just Fairlane mall food court lol. 

  1. What do you study in school? 

Trying to be a pharmacist, just like 98% of Dearborn. But will most likely run the gas stations tbh.


  1. Does anyone else admin the account with you? 

My friends at the start helped me with a couple of post but it’s been just me for the last 3 years.


  1. What is your favorite thing about Dearborn? 

I like how diverse it is. All kinds of unique restaurants, people of different backgrounds, and just a complete mix of personalities. 


  1. What is your least favorite thing about Dearborn? 

I wish we had more to do. If people in the communities created more business that bring people together and more to do, instead of 100 burger joints and 112 hookah shops. 


  1. Who would you say your target audience is? 

No real target audience, just anyone who enjoys a laugh or two and gets the jokes. 

  1. What is your favorite Dearborn joke to date? 

Man, this question is harder than the SAT. Can’t choose my favorite, because each joke has its phase. Dearborn has different phases that you have to keep up with. Everyone leasing a 300 phase, or Ronaldo haircut phase. 



  1. You can only eat at 1 for the rest of your life, who do you pick, Sal’s or Al Basha?

I would have to go with Sals. That cheese bread and the ranch are a must. But mannnn Sals plays too much. One day I will order a turkey sub, small cheese bread and ranch and the total would be $24 (expensive). The week after I would order the same thing and the total would be $33. I cry every time I walk out of that place.