Updated 11/9/2018@2:04PM

83/83 Counties Reporting, Results Unofficial

Newman, Andrea Fischer 1,605,381 23.18%
Richner, Andrew 1,475,905 21.31%
Acker, Jordan 1,725,318 24.91%
Brown, Paul 1,665,590 24.05%
Hudler, James Lewis 84,091 1.21%
Jascob, John 84,397 1.22%
US Taxpayers
Sanger, Joe 63,328 0.91%
US Taxpayers
Van Sickle, Crystal 99,187 1.43%
Graves, Kevin A. 72,070 1.04%
Natural Law
Sallows, Marge Katchmark 51,636 0.75%
Total Votes: 6,926,903

Results per Michigan Secretary of State


9:50AM: Andrea Fischer Newman concedes defeat in a statement reported by Kim Kozlowski of the Detroit News. Pending confirmation, Paul Brown should join his colleague Democrat Jordan Acker as the second University of Michigan Regent.

8:57AM: The only county that has yet to fully report is Wayne. However, with 91% of Wayne precincts reporting, Democrats Acker and Brown earned 360,831 (34.32%) and 345,609(32.87%) respectively while Republicans Newman and Richner earned 147,491 (14.03%) and 136,495 (12.98%) votes respectively. While it’s unclear whether those votes will be enough for Brown to overcome the current 141,425 vote deficit he faces against Newman, Acker is comfortably ahead of Richner, thus guaranteeing him one of the two available seats even if he finishes behind Newman.

7:41AM: The Michigan Journal is calling one seat for Democrat Jordan Acker. With a strong performance in Wayne county that has yet to be accounted for by the SOS, as well as his comfortable lead over Republican incumbent Andrew Richner, Acker is guaranteed a spot on the Board. Brown (D) and Newman (R) are still in a tight race.

7:14AM: The more counties not named Wayne that report, the more likely it seems that the nearly 200,000 vote edge earned by Democrats Brown and Acker in Wayne will be enough to ensure their victory. Macomb provided only a slight edge to Newman.

3:44AM: Unofficial tally of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Kent counties, the four largest counties in Michigan which have yet to be accounted for by the Secretary of State, show a wide lead for Democrats Brown and Acker. Race still close.

Total of Wayne Oakland Macomb and Kent Counties:
Newman: 569,608
Richner: 519,023
Acker: 798,559
Brown: 757,964

3:20AM: Wayne and Washtenaw, two counties that went majority to Acker (D) and Brown (D) have yet to be tallied. Macomb, which slightly favored Newman (R), also untallied.

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