Photo courtesy of WOWUMD

The University released the unofficial results of the Student Government election last Friday, which pending a review of violation allegations, gave the ticket of Sarah Nassar and Abraham Ouza of the World of Wolverines party the victory and SG presidency.

According to the unofficial totals, Nassar and Ouza received around 67% of the vote, while their opponents Catarina Gasser and Anthony Distel of the Wolverine Coalition party received only around 30%.

This year saw a drop in student voting compared to last year. Last year, over a thousand students voted for president, compared to only around 850 this year.

Despite such a significant vote margin separating the two tickets, Nassar’s victory isn’t yet guaranteed. The election is still being reviewed by the Election Committee for any potential violations. The commission, which is comprised of impartial students chosen on the basis of reputation, reviews all allegations against both parties and determines whether a certain allegation constitutes a violation. A violation is assigned a point value between one and five. Five or more points for a candidate constitutes a disqualification according to Dean of Students Amy Finley, who oversees the SG elections.

On Twitter, Nassar recognized the pending status of her victory, but thanked all the students who voted for her.

“Thank you so much to everyone who voted,” she said. “I can’t wait to serve you all.”

The World of Wolverines party’s victory was not as notable in the Senate. Despite winning six of the eight college seats, the Wolverine Coalition won a majority of the at-large seats, resulting in only a 12-11 World of Wolverines majority in the Senate.

The Election Commission is expected to certify and release the official results some time this week.