Union at Dearborn
The Union at Dearborn (Ziad Buchh/MJ)

A man has been taken into custody on Wednesday in connection of a string of thefts at the Union at Dearborn, the Dearborn Police Department says. 

Over the past several weeks, the Dearborn Police Department received multiple reports of burglaries in unlocked apartments, according to a press release issued by the department. Investigators were able to identify a suspect, who they were able to take into custody without incident. The suspect is currently being detained for absconding parole and is expected to face charges for the thefts in the coming days.

Among the items reportedly stolen were multiple gaming consoles and cash.

Multiple students told the Journal that they were never told by the Union that there were any robberies and only received a general email telling them to lock their doors.

“It is insane to know that robberies have been taking place at the union for the past weeks. We only received information to take safety precautions to lock our doors, but we had no idea what had taken place,” says Union resident Chanel Stitt. “I accidentally left my door unlocked overnight a few days ago and I can’t believe this was happening at the time.”

Other residents such as Sifat Karim say that it’s the Union’s responsibility to inform students in situations such as this.

“To feel safe is an utmost priority,” says Karim. “And to take initiative towards making the area feel more safe is essential.”

The email from the Union was sent out on April 15, two days before the suspect was apprehended. At this time, it is unclear exactly when the Union was made aware of the investigation and that the suspect had not been apprehended, but the Dearborn Police Department says they worked “very closely” with the Union.

The University Union & Events (UUE) team, which staffs the information desk at the Union, was also not informed of any potential threat. UUE director David Disney told the Journal that he was “surprised” and first learned of the incidents due to the Journals questioning.

When approached by the Journal, the Union refused to comment.

The Dearborn Police Department urges students to make sure they lock their doors and to report any suspicious activity.