The world has finally seen the end of an era as the Marvel universe has brought out Avenger’s Endgame, and it was the best of all the movies to date.

The movie itself is a true masterpiece and brings this chapter to a climatic and heart-pounding conclusion. It was my personal favorite of them all and that says a lot with these movies.

There is a lot of time jumps in the film making it possible for the remaining Avengers to bring everyone back and once again defeat Thanos and his massive army. It is a true roller coaster ride all the way through it with so much emotion drummed up you will be forced to cry.

Endgame brings back almost all the characters from the previous movies, and gives some behind the scenes on some very important parts of the past movies too. You even see Captain America say Hail Hydra at one point. They really pulled out all the stops out for this movie.

It gives Steve Rogers and Tony Stark a true look at their pasts and gives them peace with their future choices.

*Spoilers Ahead Beware!!!*

The movie opens with Hawkeye at home with his family and they suddenly vanish right in front of him. You see just tiny wisps of dust flying in the wind.

The movie then shifts to outer space where Stark and Nebula are stranded in a spaceship that has broken down with no hope for repair. You see Tony talk to Pepper Potts telling her not to be sad and he is sorry he would not make it home this time. Tony lays down and Nebula picks him up and puts him in a seat for his last hurrah. Until a bright light is seen which is Captain Marvel who is flying around outside the ship.

Marvel carries the ship all the way to Earth and sets it down where Nebula and Stark can get the help they need from the Avengers. The Avengers talk over all their ideas to fix things and eventually split up and go their separate ways. Captain Marvel leaves Earth to help out elsewhere in the galaxy. Brody is in Mexico helping out the fledgling government.

Five years have now passed and Rogers is taking over for Falcon at the VA helping people to move on. He looks very unhappy but puts on a good face for others.

You next see a brown van in a storage area where a rat is walking on a control panel and it starts the quantum generator in the back sending Ant-man back into the world from the quantum realm. He has missed the past five years. He finds the memorial in town for all the people who disappeared with his name on it and runs to his daughters house. She answers the door and is all grown up.

You next see Brody talking to Black Widow Natasha at Avengers headquarters telling her about the bodies piling up thanks to Hawkeye who has gone rouge. Rogers walks in on Natasha eating a sandwich and they start talking. Ant-man shows up at their front gate asking for help. He eats Natasha’s sandwich and tells them where has been the past five years. They come up with a plan to try and save people and must talk to Stark who has now married Potts. They also have a beautiful little girl at the lake house they now live at.

Stark decides not to help them and sends them away. But can Tony really let it go? We will see.

Rogers, Natasha, and Scott Lang(Ant-man) then approach the Hulk who along with Banner have worked out their previous differences and have combined to look like Hulk with Banners head. Banner agrees to try and help them with their time traveling experiment after taking pictures with some kids.

Stark, of course, could not let the thought go of bringing back those who were lost, including Peter Parker, solves the time travel problem before saying ‘shit’ with his daughter sitting on the stairs. He tucks her back into her bed and she tells him she loves him 3000 percent. Potts tells Tony that he needs to help the Avengers to bring back all the ones who were lost.

Lang and Banner try to send Lang to certain points in time to see if it will work, unsuccessfully. Lang is transported but turns into a baby, an old man, and a teen before Banner is able to bring him back to his normal self. Captain America then walks outside to get some air when Stark comes flying up in his car offering his help because Lang does not need to end up as a baby traveling through time.

Natasha travels to Mexico to stop Hawkeye who is single-handedly stopping the bad people by killing them all. She confronts him and gets him to join them in their quest.

Banner and Rocket travel to bring back Thor who has set up his own colony for survivors from Asgard where he is in charge. They confront Thor who has gone completely down with self loathing for failing. He is drunk all the time, and gained a ton of weight. He is reluctant to join them but is finally convinced when Rocket says there is beer in their spaceship.

Hawkeye volunteers to do the next time travel test and is sent back in time to his family farm where he almost talks to his family before he is ripped back to the present.

The Avengers finally decide they must travel back in time to when they had previously encountered the infinity stones to grab them and to reverse what Thanos did. Since Thanos destroyed the stones in the present time and Thor killed Thanos five years ago.

Rocket and Thor go to Asgard and encounter Thor’s mother who is still alive. Rocket gets the stone from Jane Foster while Thor talks to his mother and gains incite on his current predicament. They then go back to present day.

Stark, Banner, Lang, and Rogers travel back to New York to after the Avengers defeated Loki. They are after the scepter and the tesseract. But they cannot be seen by anyone. Rogers gets into an elevator full of Hydra members and gets control of the scepter by saying Hail Hydra. He also has to fight himself while he is trying to get out of the building. He wins the fight by telling himself that Bucky is alive.

Stark is after the Tesseract and is dressed as a policeman. He instructs Lang to crawl into Iron Man’s power source and unplug something to cause a distraction. Lang unplugs Iron Man, sending the case with the Tesseract flying. Stark grabs the case but is knocked flying as Hulk comes out of the stairway, sending the Tesseract flying to Loki’s feet and he disappears.

Lang is sent back to Avenger’s headquarters as Stark and Rogers go further into the past after the Tesseract, and more time travel power.

Banner goes after the time stone which is help by the ancient one. She is fighting the invaders to New York. Banner is thrown from his body and made a spirit. He talks to the ancient one about why he needs the time stone. He finally tells her that Strange gave the stone freely to Thanos, and she gives Banner the stone and reunites him with his body.

Brody and Nebula are on the planet to get a stone that Quill originally stole in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Natasha and Hawkeye take the ship to retrieve the soul stone.

Nebula talks to Brody about what she was doing while Quill was stealing the stone. It turns out she was helping Thanos, Gamora, and his armies take over a planet. The problem with this was that because of her proximity to the other Nebula, she broadcast her thoughts and memories through the neural link. Thanos could see what she saw and could access her memories. Thanos could travel to the planet and capture Nebula.

Stark and Rogers in the meantime traveled back to after World War II to take the Tesseract. Stark meets his father while taking the Tesseract and talks to him at length before he was even born. Rogers gets the time traveling liquid needed and also catches a glimpse of Agent Peggy Carter whom he loved and continues to love. They go back to the present day.

Hawkeye and Natasha have the hardest trip retrieving the soul stone. They reach the mountaintop and fight each other because only one can return while the other must sacrifice themselves to get the stone. They both jump off the edge but Natasha attaches Hawkeye to the cliff face and begs him to let her go. She kicks off and slips out of his hands falling to her death. Hawkeye wakes up in a body of water clutching the soul stone.

All the Avengers minus Natasha meet back in present day except that Nebula is not their Nebula. She is the one still doing Thanos’ bidding and spying for him. While the Avengers placed the stones in a new gauntlet made of Iron Man armor, Nebula is using the time machine to bring Thanos and his ship to Earth.

Hulk is chosen to put on the gauntlet and snaps his finger bringing back all the people in the universe that were removed. This is proven as Hawkeye receives a call from his wife.

Thanos uses his ship to demolish Avengers headquarters trapping Hulk, Brody, and Rocket underneath the burning building while water is rising up. Hawkeye retrieves the gauntlet and runs for his life from soldiers of Thanos that are chasing him.

Ant-man saves Hulk, Rocket, and Brody by riding the waves to their location and growing huge to get them out of the building.

While all that is going on, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor attack Thanos trying to once again kill him before he can cause too much harm. They are bloodied but do not kill Thanos. Thanos summons all of his army out of his ship, making the Avengers question if this is possible. All hope seems lost until all kinds of magical portals open up all over the place revealing several armies including the Black Panther and his army. Spiderman and Doctor Strange. The Azgardians riding horses, and the Scarlet Witch.

The armies clash and seem to be taking care of business as Peter Quill, Groot, and Drax arrive shooting their way into battle. Gamora helps Quill out and he goes to embrace her. She kicks him several times and he quickly realizes that she is not his Gamora. The real Nebula is with her and tells her he is the one she picked to be with.

Hawkeye is seen running with the Gauntlet and hands it over to the Black Panther who runs with it until Spiderman takes it and goes with it. He is assisted by the Asgardians and others to get it as far from Thanos as possible.

Thanos orders his ship to fire on the Avengers armies despite hurting his own armies. All hope is once again lost until the ship starts firing into the clouds. Allowing the Avengers and their army to continue the fight.

Personally this was my favorite part of the movie and I yelled out really loud while watching it as Captain Marvel finally made her appearance attacking Thanos’ ship, destroying it. She then attacked Thanos’ army, inflicting major damage.

The Avengers decide that the only way to defeat Thanos is to return the stones to where they came from and fire up the Quantum generator in Ant-Mans van. Captain Marvel takes the Gauntlet from Spiderman and is flanked by all the women of the Marvel universe including Pepper Potts in her own Iron Man armor. They rush towards the van but Thanos throws his weapon into the generator and destroys it. The gauntlet is thrown  and lands near Iron Man and Thanos, who both fight for it with Stark finally ending up with the stones on his hand as he struggles with the power of the stones.

Stark barely snaps his fingers and all of Thanos’ army starts to turn to dust. Thanos looks around and just sits down. He just sits there until he too slowly turns to dust.

They have won. But at what cost?

Stark is mortally wounded. Spiderman tries to talk to him and keep him alive until Potts flies over and tells him they will all be ok and to now rest.

The movie ends with a funeral for Stark at his lake home. Potts releases a wreath with the first power generator in it that Stark had made in the first Iron Man movie. All the Avengers are seen.

Captain America volunteers to return the stones. Hulk says to Falcon and the Winter Soldier that he can take as long as he wants, but it would only be five seconds for them. Hulk counts it down and nothing happens.

The Winter Soldier taps Falcon on the soldier and tells Falcon to look at the bench by the water. There is a man sitting on the bench looking at the water. It is a very old Steve Rogers. He tells Falcon that he decided to live his life like Stark always said. He stayed with Peggy Carter and lived his life. He hands Falcon the Captain America shield and gives it to him. Falcon is now Captain America.

This movie was very emotional for the Marvel devotees and was filled with very high highs, and some very low lows. It is sad to say goodbye to Iron Man, Captain America, Vision, and especially Black Widow but this was definitely the best Marvel movie yet. It will be interesting to see where the franchise will go from here.

Make sure that if you see this movie, watch how much you drink because their are no natural breaks to use the bathroom so you will miss some important things.