Why “Lover” may be Taylor Swift’s best album yet


Taylor Swift’s long awaited seventh album Lover dropped on Friday, August 23rd.

And the world hasn’t been the same since.

The album gets its name from the third track, also titled “Lover,” which was the last single Swift released prior to the release of the album itself. It gave fans a glimpse into what the “Lover” era entails– a state of peace, joy, and of course, love, in spite of the cruelty and negativity that may come your way or that people may try to elicit out of you.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns though. Sure, we see some of that in catchier songs like “Me” and “Paper Rings” that are rooted in bliss and celebration or the quirky, fun tracks like “I Forgot That You Existed” and “London Boy.” However, this record is more raw and honest than how it might appear on the surface, knowing that the love Swift showcases in her newest music and in her life is the epitome of bright sunshine after the raging storm; quite literally, given that the concluding track on the record is “Daylight”. There couldn’t have been a more perfect pick to end the album on.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift album without the songs and power ballads that manage to tug at our heartstrings, no matter how hard we fight them. After all, she is notorious for her poetic, hard-hitting, and often emotional lyrics. I am not going to lie, I cried the first time I heard “Soon You’ll Get Better,” a song that Swift wrote for her mother who has had her battles against cancer. “Cornelia Street” seems to be a favorite among many of my friends as well, as it details the memories we attach to and are scared to lose when a love ends. 

The album is not overwhelmed with this type of song though, and is well-balanced, proving how versatile of an artist Swift truly is. But we already knew that. My personal favorites are the songs that are dramatic, theatrical, and fun but hold a certain depth to them. “The Man” was definitely a big mic drop moment for me, and is the one I currently replay the most. “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” is filled with spirit and attitude and was the first song to stand out to me and hold its claim as my favorite. If you listen to any song, listen to that one. Better yet… just listen to them all. Each one tells a different story, or perhaps, a different piece of a larger story. It would be kind of unfair to limit yourself. 

Lover is a breath of fresh air and change of scenery after its darker predecessor Reputation. By no means is it going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but the complexity of this multifaceted record proves that Swift can do anything and continues to have a unique way of resonating and connecting with her fans through her music. Many fans have taken to social media to say that it reminds them of her older work. While I see where they’re coming from, I’d argue that this album is different. Lover without a doubt proves to be her most mature and defining album yet. 

And no, Taylor. We definitely can’t calm down.

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Jessica Atanasovski
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