Arts Beats and Eats Festival Spotlights

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For 22 years, the Arts Beats and Eats Festival has drawn lots of people from music enthusiasts to local foodies to Avant-Gardes. Arts Beats and Eats is a weekend long festival that occurs at the end of August annually. Held this year in Royal Oak, the event is a great way to connect with the community and local artists within the area.  

  1.   Terry Butler Art
Photo//Katy Pentiuk

Butler’s pieces are out of this world. The cool tones combined with the black and white shading transcend the viewer into landscapes of retro sci-fi. Butler was upbeat and said only positive things about the community and local events. For the last five years, excluding last year, Terry Butler has attended Arts Beats and Eats as an artist. Butler is based out of Ann Arbor and draws inspiration from his location. Terry Butler attends lots of local events, so keep an eye out for his collection of intergalactic masterpieces.

  1.   Imperial 
Photo//Katy Pentiuk

When it was time for a quick taco break, the Imperial food truck did not disappoint. Imperial is a hotspot for modern Mexican street food inspired by the flavors of LA. Located off of Woodward, this restaurant in Ferndale is probably one of the most popular joints in the area. If you’re a local foodie or just in the mood for some Mexican food, perhaps pay a visit to their restaurant or find them on wheels in their food truck at local events. 

  1.   The Daylight Sinners 

The Daylight Sinners are straight out of the seventies! When they arrived on stage, all I could see was hair, hair, and more hair! Their groovy bass lines and free-flowing bohemian clothes made me feel like I had been transported back into the age of classic rock. The group is based out of Chicago, Illinois and has recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to further pursue their music. The Daylight Sinners played at Arts Beats, and Eats in 2017 and were excited to take the stage again this year. There was a wide age range in the crowd because their performance truly had something for everyone, from the dads reminiscing the “good ole days” to the teenagers discovering rock and roll for the first time. Stay tuned while the Daylight Sinners continue the revival of the rock star. 

  1.   Ink Detroit + The Great Lakes State 

    Photo//Ink Detroit Facebook

In 2005, as an effort to bring pride to Detroit and partake in the city’s revival, Paul Marcial and Steve Mansour partnered together to create the brands Ink Detroit and The Great Lakes State. Ink Detroit has a more urban feel while The Great Lake State gives off outdoorsy vibes. At Arts Beats and Eats, I got the opportunity to speak with Mansour about both of the brands and the impact on the community. Mansour was kind and upbeat, openly stating that he simply loves Detroit. Events like this and the other forty pop-ups that he and Marcial attend throughout the year allow for people to physically view, touch and experience the products. The brands inspire a sense of honor to the community and help to spread positivity about Detroit. Walker Hayes, a performer at Arts Beats and Eats, graced the stage repping his “Detroitish” shirt. Show your support for Detroit and pop into one of their Ferndale stores or check out their website!

  1.   Treat Dreams 

To finish off the festival, we stopped by Treat Dreams for some cool and refreshing ice cream. This innovative ice cream shop opened its doors in 2010 and currently offers 12-14 types of ice cream daily, as well as sorbets and vegan options. With unique and daring flavors, you can try anything from macaroni and cheese to beets! Treat dreams has two stores, one in Midtown and the other in Ferndale. Treat dreams also participates in numerous local events in their quirky, purple truck.

Photo//Katy Pentiuk


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