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To all my fashion lovers out there- fall fashion is finally here! Time to tuck the shorts, tanks and sundresses away until next year and bring out the jeans, sweaters and hoodies. 

With the stress of classes and work, sometimes getting ready for school feels like too much work. We don’t have the time or mental energy to throw together outfits for school, so sweatpants, leggings and t-shirts seem like the best option. Right? 


It doesn’t take extravagant runway-ready outfits to dress up for class, either. I have a few tips and some go-to’s when it comes to getting ready for school. Save the bum clothes for after your long day of school and work. 

My first tip is to have a go-to pair of jeans that you feel confident in that are also comfy. Jeans are not always the most comfortable piece of clothing, but if you find the right ones, they are. 

Girls, I suggest a mom jean. These can be worn more casual with a sweater and sneakers, or worn dressed up with a blouse and boots. My mom-jeans are my go-to for almost every outfit. even when I feel like wearing leggings, I wear my mom-jeans and a crew neck with some sneakers for the comfortable street-style look. 

Guys, go for a straight-leg jean. This is the perfect balance between the flare and skinny styles of jeans. Same rules apply as the girls; it can be more casual with a long-sleeve tee or dressed up with a button-down shirt and jacket. You look nice and will be comfortable, too. 

Which brings me to my next tip- in the wonderful state of Michigan fall weather is often unpredictable. However, the temperature in the classrooms and buildings are not. Classrooms at UM-Dearborn are usually cold. 

That being said, find a neutral colored jacket or cardigan to keep in your car or bag that you can bring with you into class when the “fall” weather still feels like summer. Having a neutral colored piece allows you to wear it with any outfit so you can be comfortable during class. 

Next, a simple tip to dress up an outfit is to accessorize. Girls and guys can both do this by adding small additions to their outfits. If it’s one of those days when you feel like wearing a crewneck and jeans with your hair in a ponytail, throw a bow hair tie in the ponytail or tie a neck scarf as a headband and it looks as if you dressed up your look a little. Another option to dress up an up-do is to add clips to your hair. Personally, I am a big fan of clips whether I am wearing my hair up or down. They dress it up a bit and show off my personal style. 

Another reason I love adding hair accessories outfits is they are reasonably priced. You could collect a variety of options without having to spend too much. Not only are hair accessories easy to add to your outfits, but they make your outfit look more put together while also showing off your sense of personality and style. 

For guys, this might be a simple tip that many already do, but if there is a day you don’t feel like doing your hair, throw your favorite hat on with your outfit and this will show off your style and your personality. Depending on the hat, it might be a conversation starter in class and a way to meet new people. 

These easy tips are not time consuming. If you take an extra five minutes the night before or in the morning when getting ready for school, you will be able to pull together an effortlessly stylish look for your day. Taking the extra time to do this will help present yourself as someone who cares about their appearance which will also give your more confidence to take on the day. 

If you enjoyed this article and are looking for more fashion tips, check out my fashion blog, not your average or my Instagram @notyouraverage.nic for more inspiration!

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Nicole Losek
Nicole is in her final semester here at UMD. She'll be graduating in December with a major in Journalism and a double minor in Communications and Psychology. She started at the Michigan Journal during her junior year as the A&E editor and has held different editor positions, and now writes as a staff writer for the A&E section. She likes to write about fashion and runs her own fashion blog, "not your average." Check her out on Instagram and LinkedIn: