Becoming a cat person: My Journey


I used to never think I’d like cats. I don’t know how much of that was a personal distaste, or the amount of times I asked for a cat when I was younger and was given a firm “no” from my parents since my dad just had to be allergic to them. 

I was always so weary around cats if my friends had them – I genuinely did not know how to interact with cats. You couldn’t play with them like dogs and 90% of the time, cats had no interest in human interaction. Because of that, I committed to the ideology that cats were a no-go for me. 

Fast forward to this past July as I started the process of moving into my first house off-campus. My roommate, who had moved in a month earlier, desperately wanted a cat since she never had her own pet before. I was reluctant at first because I had no idea what to expect from being a cat-parent-by-association. In the end, the cat wasn’t really my pet and I knew I could co-exist in the same space as it. 

That week, my roommate and I headed over to the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit and she picked out a little black kitten. Let me tell you, this thing was tiny – it was almost unreal how small this kitten was. She was dubbed Salem and we took her home. 

Now, it’s September and I’ve had some time to adjust to having a not-as-small kitten around. Salem has become more of a comfort than I imagined. Being that none of my family lives in Michigan and the closet lives four hours away, it’s comforting to have a sassy little kitten around to keep things interesting. Even though Salem has a fondness for stealing human food and sitting on my notebooks while I’m actively using them, she’s really become a member of the family. It’s hard to imagine coming home and not seeing a little black blob sitting in the windowsill. 

It’s safe to say that from Salem, I’ve found myself becoming more of a cat person than I thought I ever would be. I’m even in the process of adopting my own cat – I barely recognize who I have become. 

The bottom line that someone could take away from my journey to becoming a cat person is that even though you can imagine your life with or without something, you never really know what works best for you until you give it a try. I’m not saying that everyone should go out and adopt a cat (but by all means, go ahead), but I’m saying you never stop learning things about yourself and changing your opinion on things as you go. You can always change your mind or your attitude on something, so why not try new things and see where it goes? (And maybe adopt a cat while you’re at it).