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If you haven’t already heard, UM-Dearborn’s homecoming is on October 3rd. Join your fellow wolverines and celebrate 60 years of going blue in Dearborn! Homecoming is an awesome way to let loose with friends and dance away your worries for the night. Do not fear if dancing isn’t really your vibe, there is free food! Did I also mention that admission is free for students? Now that I’ve officially talked you into attending, allow me to act as your fairy godmother and help you get dressed for the evening. 


Hello, beauties! All of us remember the first homecoming we went to and for many of us, it was a rite of passage. Ah yes, let’s have a moment of silence for freshmen year of high school. Ladies, we have come a long way since ninth grade. We are older, wiser, and most importantly, more confident. So let’s wear our confidence to this year’s homecoming and dress like the beautiful, empowered women that we are. 

Dress up or keep it casual, the choice is yours!  Fashion right now is all across the board and trends are about having fun. 

  •   Animal print is a bold and sexy way to add a little edge to your look. Try wearing the print on a satin camisole with a chic jacket and some black mom jeans.  Since animal print is so versatile, you could also wear the print more causally with a more toned down outfit paired with printed booties. Tame your mane into a sleek ponytail with some funky scrunchies or let your locks run wild. 
  •   If you want to get a little bit more dressed up, try a cowl neck slip dress with some pearl or acrylic barrettes in your softly waved hair. This look is channeling a feminine minimalist so go easy on the accessories with few pieces to compliment the look. To add to the femme fatale look, slip on some open-toed mules. For some added glamour, top off the look with a shimmery eye and girl, make sure that highlight is poppin’!
  •   Who doesn’t love a matching set? It’s such an easy, effortless way to look stylish and put together. Whether it’s shirt and pant duo or a jacket and skirt combination, you’re sure to stand out. Consider a statement pair of earrings and/or a sophisticated belt. For shoes, you can go more casual with your favorite sneakers or dress up with a block heel. 


Don’t be afraid to be bold! This is 2019 and fashion is for everyone, with that being said, allow me to make some suggestions for homecoming.  First off, don’t let fashion intimidate you. Getting dressed should be an enjoyable experience that allows for self-expression. Secondly, don’t limit yourself and become trapped in make-believe boundaries. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Lastly, confidence is key. When you feel good about yourself that certainty shines through you and onto others. 

  •   In 2019, we really appreciate classic prints that make any outfit a little more exciting. For this look, our focus is on a plaid trouser and how to build an outfit off of that piece. Pair your trouser with a simple t-shirt, a fanny pack draped across your chest and your favorite pair of sneakers. Voila! You have a high fashion outfit with just four articles of clothing. 
  •   Florals, polka-dotted, striped, animals, plants, random objects, you name it! All of the above are prints that could be found on a button-up. Button-ups are a great way to express your quirks and look a little bit more dressed up than usual. Layer your button-up with a bomber or a jean jacket to make the look more seasonal. Opt for a French tuck or go untucked with a skinny jean and your look is complete! 
  •   Men’s street style is probably one of my favorite looks. It is so simple and easy to recreate but maintains a cool, casual vibe. Find a minimalistic crewneck sweatshirt in navy, olive, tan, or grey. Wear your sweatshirt with a pair of black skinny jeans; you could try a distressed pair to add some texture or keep it simple with a normal pair. The accessories are the fun part of this outfit! Add anything from a simple baseball cap to some stacked bracelets to a pair of minimalistic glasses.  Finish off the look with a white pair of sneakers. You can layer this outfit with a jacket or leave it as is. 

Draw some inspiration from the outfits that I’ve suggested or try something totally original. Just remember that self-worth and respect for yourself are the most beautiful accessories you can wear. Bring your friends to make some memories with and have a safe night! The dance is from 8:00 pm until 12:00 pm in Kochoff Hall in the UC, I hope to see you all there!


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Katy Pentiuk
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