Halloween is right around the corner. Time for hide-under-the-covers-and-miss-half-the-movie-because-you’re-covering-your-eyes scary movies, right? WRONG! Not all of us are cut out for jump scares, and you know what? That’s okay. 

Sometimes, we just need to watch some scary movies that are so bad, they’re good. Here are some of the worst (or arguably best) B-rated scary movies available on Netflix that are sure to make you either crack up or cringe: 


The Black Room

Laugh factor: 9/10

Cringe factor: 12/10

 This movie is downright horrible. A couple moves into a new home only to find that it’s haunted (such an original plot concept, I know.) The catch? It’s haunted by a sex-crazed demon that sleeps with people, kills them, takes over their body and then sleeps with more people to continue the cycle. If gore, cringey acting and horribly-written plots are your cup of tea, then this movie is for you.


The Ritual

Laugh factor: 3/10

Cringe factor: 7/10

 The setting and characters aren’t that bad in The Ritual, but the plot buildup is so slow that you may fall asleep. A group of guys goes camping in the woods and end up getting lost (another plot we’ve absolutely never heard of) before stumbling upon a village that lives in fear of a forest-dwelling demon monster. They eventually find out that the village sacrifices humans to this monster to get it to leave them alone, and the monster, when it’s eventually shown, isn’t that scary. If anything, this movie is good for background noise while you do homework.



Laugh factor: 0/10

Cringe factor: 8/10

 This movie is horrible. From the cookie-cutter plot and the unnecessary sub-plot to the incredibly sad and blood-filled climax, this movie will leave you feeling bad for the characters and even worse for spending an hour and a half watching it. I was left asking, “is that it?” when I finally reached the end.


 Truth or Dare:

Laugh factor: 2/10

Cringe factor: 9/10

 This movie actually isn’t that bad, but the gore scenes almost made me gag. With scenes of characters stabbing old ladies in the leg and gouging their own eyes out, I wouldn’t recommend eating while you watch this movie.



Laugh factor: 8/10

Cringe factor: 7/10

This is the OG scary movie. With six movies and at least four spinoffs, this movie is great if you just need to laugh at horrible acting and even worse CGI. Who isn’t scared of the possibility of sharks in tornados?


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Kyla Bazzy
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