French Club Gets A Dose Of Vitamin Z


The French Club went on an adventure to the Detroit Zoo on Saturday. The adventure was a great time to hangout, learn and get a powerful dose of Vitamin Z.

It was one of the first events of the semester outside of the scheduled meeting times. It was a great opportunity to get to know other francophones and learn about animals as well as cultural differences between America and France.

The event was set up by the President of the French Club, Maya Kabbash. A group of six braved the rather chilly day to experience a vast array of flora and fauna the Detroit Zoo has to offer. 

During the trip, Maya spoke on the objectives and vision of the group. “French Club’s goal is to introduce the language and culture of France to students of different levels.” The idea being that whether a student is in French 101, upper- level French, or maybe even a transfer or foreign exchange student that they too can join a group highly passionate about the French language.  

The diversity of the group is something to admire and truly epitomizes what the French Club is all about. The French Club has members from across the Atlantic, including Tunisia and France, among many other places. Not only do these students know French, and possibly other languages, they bring with them their culture and knowledge to share with other students too.

The French Club is always looking to create fun events for participants of all levels of French comprehension. Possible events in the future include: karaoke, pumpkin carving, a costume party, and a bake sale.

The French trip arrives in the summer of 2020 and the ‘Club hopes to put on fundraisers to make the cost of the trip more affordable. The French trip is an absolute must as students will be able to practice what they’ve learned in France and immerse themselves in French culture by visiting highly esteemed places like Paris, the Louvre, and Normandy.

If you are interested in joining the French Club, you can contact them and get more information about upcoming events on their Facebook page. 

Per Maya Kabbash: The French Club is proud to announce that they will be launching a state-wide French Competition, French Olympics that will take place next semester right on campus. Four-year universities and high schools will be invited to compete in several competitions based on student’s level and one that is all levels. Exciting times are surely ahead but until then, Au revoir!