As variations of the phrase “Detroit vs. the refs” pop up all over metro Detroit, the Lions prepare to take on the New York Giants on Sunday.

Two bad calls against Trey Flowers and even more against the entire team over the past two games have left a bad taste in the mouths of Lions fans, who seem to be losing hope.

But the Giants have had their fair share of questionable ref calls, too, making Sunday’s game an interesting matchup for the two call-cursed teams.

In October 2018, Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins blamed a close loss to the Panthers on bad calls and said in a postgame interview, “we need better referees.” In December of the same year, the Giants received a pass interference on what award-winning sports reporter Ralph Vacchiano called “clearly an uncatchable ball.”

Combine this history with Detroit’s record of blowing it during the last quarter (not to mention both the teams’ less-than-impressive 2019 records) and what do you get? A possible Sunday afternoon football fiasco.

With the 2-5 Giants playing the 2-3-1 Lions in Detroit this week, New York will be able to win if a. they get lucky, b. the refs really do despise the Lions more than any other team, or c. both. 

Who really knows at this point. By Sunday night, it might be “the refs vs. everybody.”