We’re coming down to the wire, folks.

After six intense games between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals, the only thing that stands between either team and the title of World Series champions is tonight’s game.

The Nationals started off strong in the series by winning the first two matchups, but the Astros then took over for three games, basically shutting down Washington each time.

After coming back 7-2 in game six, the Nationals have showed they’re not going down without a fight. They plan to start three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer in tonight’s game seven to get an early lead against the Astros.

But with Scherzer’s recent neck issues, a win isn’t a given. Just a few days ago Scherzer said, “I can’t pick up my arm right now, so I can’t pitch.” 

Now he’s starting the final game of the World Series. 

The Astros aren’t feeling any pity, though. They plan to start pitcher Zach Greinke, who’s a Cy Young winner himself and had an impressive 18-5 record this year. 

There’s only one thing, though. Every time the Nationals have won this series, they’ve been at the Astros home field (Minute Maid Park), and vice versa. Neither team has won at home.

Tonight’s game? At Minute Maid Park. If I were a betting girl, I wouldn’t exactly go against what’s been happening for six games, which puts the Nationals in good superstitious standings to win.

But tonight’s game is it. No make-ups, no second tries. No matter what either team is dealing with, it won’t matter tomorrow morning. 

The only thing that will matter then is that there will be one more team with a World Series championship to their name, and one more team who just couldn’t quite get there.