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Two of my favorite things are shopping and saving money. But the two sometimes counteract each other because when I’m shopping, I’m spending money. However, I have learned some tips through shopping addiction that help me save money while also shopping for quality clothing and wearing the latest styles. 

Traditional shopping from big retailers can get expensive, but going to a cheaper retailer doesn’t always work because the clothes can look and feel cheap and often don’t last very long. 

The retailer H&M is the happy medium between a Zara and a Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Since prices do range here, you will sometimes find higher priced items, but those are typically the bigger jackets or thicker sweaters. 

My favorite aspect of H&M is their essentials. They have basic short and long sleeve shirts, tank tops, hoodies, crewnecks, zip-up jackets and even basic sweatpants in a range of colors. I like to stock up on these. The prices range from $4-$25 based on the item, so you get a good deal for quality clothing that will last. H&M also always has a generous sale section. Styles range from all seasons and you can find good markdowns on pieces you missed or didn’t want to pay full price for. 

This brings me to my next tip for traditional shopping. Always, always, always shop the sale section first. Whether it be online or in-store, go straight for those sale racks. If you have the patience and time to sift through the sale racks, you can find all kinds of markdowns. This is what I do for every store I go into. I look through the sale rack first and then skim through the rest of the store. I usually end up walking out with several sale pieces instead of one or two full-priced items. 

The sale section is also a great place to shop on a budget in stores like American Eagle or Pacsun. American Eagle always has an additional 60 percent of their sale items while Pacsun usually does a buy one get two free or buy two get one free deal.

If you enjoy sifting and searching through sale items, second-hand shopping is also an option to shop and save at the same time. Similar to going to a thrift store, the website Depop is a second-hand shopping site where sellers can sell gently worn items at a discounted price. This site is also known for its selection of vintage finds.

Photo// Maya Hamka


Poshmark is another second-hand shopping site where users can sell gently worn clothing for a discounted price. The cool thing about Poshmark is that a wide range of people use this site from everyday people to celebrities. You can have the chance to shop celeb styles at a discounted price. YouTube personalities Natalie Mariduena and Corinna Kopf recently added items to the site and dancer Maddie Ziegler frequently adds to her selection. 

Shopping can be therapeutic and is meant to be fun. You shouldn’t have to empty your pockets at every store you shop at. Look for the deals and sale items; give yourself a challenge of never paying full price. When possible, try second-hand shopping. You are not only saving money, but are contributing to saving the environment by purchasing clothes that may have been thrown away. 

Start shopping the smart way with saving in mind!


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