Photo//Ariel Cason

In Detroit on Monday, October 28, a mother and daughter were involved in a fatal car crash after a man ran a traffic light. UM-Dearborn student, Raven Cason, 20, and her mother Alene Cason, 52, were pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Students were looking for Raven in class the next day when information began to be shared that she was the one involved in the crash. 

Raven was born on July 11, 1999 and passed away on October 28, 2019. She was a junior at UM-Dearborn studying Chemistry. 

Her friend, Deyonna Chambliss, says “To know Raven was to love her. She was the most caring person and had such a bubbly personality. Even if you had just met her, you’d feel like you’d known her for years.”

Raven’s sister, Ariel Cason says a quote that reminds her of her sister is, “I am enough.”

Counseling and Psychological Services are available at UM-Dearborn if you have been impacted by this highly unfortunate news.

In loving memory of Raven and Alene Cason.