The power of rewatching old shows

The cast of Jersey Shore. Photo//

Nostalgia is such a powerful emotion. Just as hearing a song can bring you back to a previous time in your life, so can television shows. 

Rewatching childhood shows or movies are my favorite things to binge-watch. Streaming services has made this easier because you can find almost every show or movie you have ever watched on Netflix or Hulu. I have watched high school classics like One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl too many times to count. 

Currently, I have been reminiscing in nostalgia with one of my middle school favorites: the iconic six seasons of MTV’s Jersey Shore. 

Watching this series as a middle schooler, I didn’t truly pick up the extent to which these eight twenty-somethings enjoyed drinking. Watching it back as a 22-year-old, it’s overwhelming to think about how much alcohol they consumed weekly. 

As someone who enjoys a few drinks over the weekend, I can’t imagine drinking almost every day for two months straight. Much respect for them to be able to drink like they did and still be functioning human beings. 

Snooki and Deena redefined what it means to spend an entire day drinking. As I said before, my middle school-self didn’t comprehend how much they were drinking, but today I think it’s amazing. Their “meatball day” antics they would get into actually make me want to go wild at a bar with my best friend. How appropriate is that for a school paper? Not sure, but we’re all adults here! 

Watching back as an adult, I have also noticed how ridiculously funny each cast member is. Whether they are talking to each other casually or being interviewed, there is something quotable about each episode. My sister and I have found ourselves laughing uncontrollably at some of the things they come up with. I would quote some, but most of the funny ones are not school appropriate. 

We all had our favorites on the show. Walking into school Friday morning after a new episode aired on Thursday and hearing the conversations during passing time with everyone discussing their favorite moments and people from the episode… those were the days. 

My favorite girl was always Nicole Poloizzi, better known as Snooki. She spoke the truth and nothing but. Her realness and openness made her relatable even as a sixth and seventh grader, as wild as that sounds. 

My favorite guy in the house was Pauly D. He brought constant entertainment to the show as the self-acclaimed “prank war champion.” His famous line “CABS ARE HERE” has become “LYFTS ARE HERE” for my friends and I when we go out. 

Not the direction you thought this article was going to go, huh? If you lived through the Jersey Shore members then, you sure as hell will now too. If you have a Hulu subscription, Jersey Shore should be your next binge.