Why are Tim Hortons suddenly closing?


Tim Hortons has closed three of its locations in Southfield, MI in the last three months, making it all the more difficult to find decent hot chocolate during these cold winter months. 

According to their website, two locations are temporarily closed, one on W. 12 mile near Evergreen Road and the other on Greenfield and W. 12 Mile. A sign placed in the drive-thru windows and on the front glass simply says, “Closed until further notice.”

Certainly, these locations were not unscathed in their overwhelming 1 out of 5 star reviews on Yelp.

Another Tim Hortons was permanently closed near Evergreen and 10 mile road. In Redford, MI, the Tim Hortons location on five mile road near Telegraph closed two months ago. 

All the Tim Hortons signs have been removed from each location, and it is unclear on the reason for the closures. A franchisee representative could not be reached for comment.

In December 2018, a Ferndale location on Woodward Ave. closed temporarily due to a health violations, according to the Oakland County Times.

In May of 2019, “Tim Hortons closed Half of their coffee and doughnut shops in Minnesota due to poor financial performance,” according to the Star Tribune.

Tim Hortons only has locations in 12 U.S. states, primarily in the Midwest and on the East Coast with the majority of its locations in Canada. Tim Hortons is a subsidiary of restaurant brands international corporation, which also owns Popeyes Chicken and Burger King.

Whether or not these locations closed because of renovations, poor financial performance or failed health inspections, Tim Hortons still has pretty good hot chocolate and 10 pack of timbits for $1.99.


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