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For someone that has never been a big fan of Christmas music, writing this article is kind of funny. Don’t get me wrong, I love the classics, like “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “Last Christmas” but other than that, Christmas music bores me. 

Luckily, my favorite artist Ariana Grande gave me some Christmas music I can blast every year from November to December to make me not feel like a Grinch. 

In 2013 Grande gifted us a Christmas EP titled “Christmas KIsses” that includes two Christmas classics and two original songs. 


The EP opens with a very Grande version of “Last Christmas” that puts you in the holiday mood. Her angelic vocals carry the song while adding a pop/hip-hop beat to it.

Next are the two originals, “Snow in California” and “Love is Everything” that feel more personal and more like the 2013 Ariana Grande. “Snow in California” we hear Grande begging Santa to bring her a snowstorm to keep her love from flying away for just a few more days. In “Love is Everything” Grande’s vocals are accompanied by what resembles a Christmas choir with a cheery Christmas beat that reminds us what Christmas is all about– love. 

The EP ends with the Christmas classic, “Santa Baby” featuring Grande’s former “Victorious” co-star Liz Gillies. The two use their soft and sultry voices to recreate a classic with a modern and pop twist. 

In 2014, Grande treated us with a remake of another Christmas classic, “Santa Tell Me” that sounds a lot like her remake of “Last Christmas” with the hip-hop and pop beats that support her vocals. The single also was dropped with a music video of Grande and her friend prancing around in their comfy Christmas clothes. 

Finally, what Ariana Grande stans have been raving about every Christmas season since 2015- “Christmas & Chill,” her second holiday EP. “Christmas & Chill” is composed of six original songs by Grande and her team, all of which have the same R&B and pop vibe to give us truly iconic Christmas music.


The EP kicks off with “Intro” that as a steady snapping beat with Grande’s soft vocals that “sneak into your speakers” and set the tone for the rest of the project. 

Next comes “Wit It This Christmas” and “December” which are both a little more promiscuous than 2015 Grande was known for at the time. They give a mature, modern twist to what typical Christmas music is that resonated with both her fans and for people like myself who don’t normally enjoy the basic Christmas music out there. 

She opens “Wit It This Christmas” with: 

“Come and kiss me baby, 

We don’t need no mistletoe

We don’t need no fireplace, 

boy I’ll keep ya nice and warm.” 

“December” follows the same vibe: 

When December comes I bet you want to, 

Wrap me all up and take me home with you

See what I look like under them lights,

We’ll keep it quiet whatever we do.”

The second half of the EP we see the hopeless romantic that Grande was at the time. On “Not Just On Christmas” she sings softly about loving her boy all year round no matter how “naughty or nice.” 

Next on “True Love” Grande sings about getting all in her feelings with her “boo.” It is a sappy, Grande Christmas love ballad that lights up your heart in the best way. It is the kind of song that makes you want to hug that special someone extra tight this time of year. 

Finally, she ends the project with “Winter Things” where she sings about trying to enjoy the holiday season with her “baby” in the not-so-winter weather of where she lives. 

“Hey yo, I wanna pretend were at the North Pole

Turning the heat into an ice cold holiday

Made just for me and my baby.”

Whether you’re a classic Christmas music fanatic or someone that could do without, I strongly suggest checking out “Christmas & Chill” for original, quality Christmas music while also listening to her previous Christmas hits this holiday season. I promise they won’t disappoint.

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