Is it the new Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace all in one?


There is a new app in town called “TheHIVE.” This app was created by content creator Kassandra who took the opportunity to make a better app after Instagram’s new update to remove the ability to see other people’s likes. With TheHIVE, one can finally have a chronological order feed of the people they are following. No more seeing Instagram posts that have been posted hours or even days ago. This makes it easier for you to see your friends’ most recent post instead of a post from another person that you have already liked and that was posted days ago. TheHIVE social media app maximizes content engagement through this one characteristic which can benefit content creators and everyday users of social media apps.

One Twitter user named Alyssa Davis (@_alyssakdavis) tweeted, “seems like the perfect mix of instagram, myspace, and facebook (eyes emoji) i [sic] signed up”. Another Twitter user, @Vixenviews1, tweeted, “Trying this new app since @instagram no longer has chronological order and makes my reach small. I’m an artist trying to get somewhere in this world. (crying emoji)”

What makes this app so unique is how much freedom you have over customizing your profile. When creating an account, you can add a profile picture and a background banner picture that is placed behind it. 

With TheHIVE app, you are also able to create a profile playlist of songs through Apple Music. This playlist of songs will automatically play when users visit your profile. Users also have the option to post photos with or without captions, standalone text updates with no photos (like on Twitter or Facebook), or to use GIFs in their posts and also repost other users’ content that will show up on their profile page. 

TheHIVE social media app has changed the game by allowing users free-reign over their accounts by combining features from multiple social media apps that the everyday user loves and misses. 

Kassandra, TheHIVE developer, is only getting started with creating this new innovative social media app. Expect even more updates in the future that will bring in a surplus of fun features to the app. The platform is growing rapidly, gaining 2,000 users in only two days. TheHIVE app also supports dark mode. 

Currently, the app is only made available to Apple users. But due to the continuous growth of the app, Kassandra is expecting to make it available to Android users in 2020.

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Kylar Daniels
Kylar is a sophomore at UM-Dearborn. She will be graduating with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Management. She became involved with the Michigan Journal at the beginning of her sophomore year as a Guest Writer, and now writes as a Staff Writer for the A&E Section. Due to her background in makeup artistry and as a makeup enthusiast, she likes to write about beauty, fashion, social media, and travel. Kylar is also on the Public Relations list for Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics. She plans to create her own blogging website in the future. Check her out on Instagram and LinkedIn: