By Vivienne Ornelas and Nathan Lawrence

   Photo//Nathan Lawrence

Lyceum held its Fall 2019 release party on Thursday, Dec. 5. Attendees included students whose work was featured in the journal, their friends, and UM-Dearborn faculty. The journal includes work from students of a variety of areas of study. Those who submitted to the journal were encouraged to give a reading or talk about their work at the event.

Farzana Fariha, a computer science major, spoke about her two art pieces “Happy Elephant” and “Lone Traveler.” Both pieces, which feature an array of cool-toned hues, were inspired by Fariha’s home country of Bangladesh. “In my culture, art is a hobby. I never saw it as something I could make money off of,” she said. “Lone Traveler” was inspired by a story her mother told her about rice farmers in Bangladesh.

Lyceum publishing editor Amber Pryor read “Honey Boy,” a heartfelt poem that echoes what it feels like to fall in love for the first time. Joseph Woods, a software engineering major, also read his poem, “We Are a Portuguese Goth Metal Band, But Not Quite,” which narrates the beginning and end of a concert, from queuing outside a theater to going home. Natalie Farran’s photograph titled “Port of Magic Ancona,” which features dreamy pink and purple clouds above a lighthouse was chosen for the journal cover.

Named after the educational institutions of Ancient Greece, Lyceum allows students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn the opportunity to showcase their creative talents with their UM-Dearborn community. Established in 1971, the biannual journal features poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, and artwork, all of which are rated in an anonymous rating process held by Lyceum staff and editors. UM-Dearborn students, alumni, faculty, and staff are encouraged to submit to the journal.

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