Lisa Andrews, advisor of 7 years, leaves CASL Advising


Lisa Andrews, an advisor of seven years at CASL Records & Advising, is leaving her position as one of the six academic advisors on staff today, Jan. 14. Lisa has gained a large following since her start here at the university seven years ago in Oct. 2013. She was not only an advisor for academia, but also students wound up gaining close relationships with her, letting students know their options for anything related to their own situations as a student and as a person. 

Some of the staff at CASL Advising have a couple of things to say about Lisa’s departure of CASL Advising. One quote comes from one of the front desk assistant’s Madelyn Vasbinder. She states, “Lisa is a very positive influence who can speak to people about more than academics, as life outside of academics is just as important and impactful on someone.”

Lisa herself had a bit to say about her departure as an advisor, as she is pretty sad but happy to be moving on to something she is passionate about. “I’m sad about leaving but excited about starting my new position as a counselor/psychotherapist. I will be specializing in mood disorders, animal assisted therapy, emotional abuse survivors, and Christian therapy. I am going to miss the staff and students here so much. Seeing students and watching them grow, as well as challenging them to do something else outside what they know. With my new position, I will get to know people for many years, which is something I will treasure for a long time. I want to help the people who are hurting because there are not enough of us out there.” 

Lisa will be the only person in her practice by the name of Living Water Forever, located in Royal Oak. 

The senior advisor, Kyle, stated, “I am sad that Lisa is leaving but happy at the same time because she is doing work she is passionate about. She thought a lot about what she wanted to do and what was best for her. It will be weird with her not around the office because so many students want to see her. We need more people who care as much as Lisa does and her presence will be missed.”

Jasmine Sizemore, another front desk assistant, also had something to say. “Lisa was one of my favorite advisors because she was so positive in any situation. I felt like I could talk to her about anything, and having her around in general was just something that made the office feel different. It is going to be very weird not having her around for the next 3 months before I graduate.”

Susanne Gassel, the director of CASL Advising said “Lisa will be missed. She has been a source of strength and encouragement to many students and staff, myself included. I have always thought that she would be an amazing personal counselor, and I wish her all the success in the world as she moves into this next phase of her career.”

Marlene Dupre, the records manager, stated “She was very dedicated to her students, and always willing to help them resolve any issues they may have had.”

Lisa’s presence at CASL Advising has been extremely impactful, and having her absence will take awhile to get used to. If anyone has any questions for Lisa if they were her advisor, please email her directly.