‘Glow Up’ comes to Netflix


If you’re looking for tears, drama, talent and pure artistry, look no further. The first season of “Glow Up” hit Netflix globally on Dec. 6 and beauty gurus everywhere were immediately glued to their screens.

The show, hosted by Stacey Dooley, originates from the U.K. and premiered earlier last year. The reality show is far different from your everyday YouTube makeup tutorial. While applying seamless foundation and bold lips is still a common theme, “Glow Up” actually puts these skills to the test. Ten makeup artists must compete in challenges of various natures – everything from prosthetics to runway makeup – each week. The bottom two at the end of each week then go head-to-head in a face off challenge testing an essential makeup skill where the pressure of time is on and the risk of elimination is high.

The prize? Becoming Britain’s next makeup star and an exclusive contract to work alongside renowned makeup artists. This raises the stakes (and tensions) for these ten budding artists seeking opportunity in this field.

Competitors are judged by seasoned artists Val Garland and Dominic Skinner, who each bring their industry knowledge and lots of personality to the show. Val is notorious for screaming, “Ding dong, darling!” when impressed.

Needless to say, with the level of talent and creativity this cast brings to the table, you hear her yelling those words quite a bit.

Each episode also features a celebrity guest judge, usually relating to the challenge at hand, and much to the excitement of the contestants. YouTuber NikkieTutorials walking into the room definitely elicits a lot of screams.

Whether you’re planning your list of shows to watch in the new year or looking for your next binge, “Glow Up” is a beautiful one to keep in mind. Even underneath all the makeup.

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