Student Government Vice President Amanda Saleh resigns due to intra-organization tension & culture


Amanda Saleh, who served as the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Student Government Vice President since September, has resigned. Her official resignation date was January 7. 

Saleh said she had been thinking about resigning since December 2019.

“At the end I just felt like it was best for me,” Saleh said. “I didn’t see any more growth coming.”

Saleh also said that she sometimes felt like she was taking on roles that should’ve gone to Student Government President Sarah Nassar, and like she was “pulling her weight.”

Saleh said she felt like Nassar “wouldn’t come prepared” and that she was “directing [Nassar] where I felt like she should already have direction.”

Saleh said that internal issues within Student Government pushed her to resign, too.

“Everybody knows the tension that Student Government members kind of face with each other,” Saleh said. “There’s a lot of internal drama that I think impacts our work as a body.”

Saleh said that Nassar started attending administration meetings alone without giving Saleh an explanation as to why they weren’t both attending. Saleh also said that she and Nassar went to a Biggby Coffee and tried to work out their differences, and that they originally “had an understanding” that Saleh could begin attending meetings again. However, Saleh said she soon saw a repeat in Nassar’s behavior. 

“Student Government creates tension among student leaders, which impacts student life,” Saleh said. “This filters out into the general student population. The student body either doesn’t know much about Student Government, or they have heard ‘interesting’ or bad things about it. This is a problem. The way that the public currently sees Student Government is far from how we want them to view us. There is something that we are doing wrong, and it is worth looking into — starting with editing the election guidelines and removing the existence of parties.”

“In Student Government, it’s not always about having the ‘skills’ to be in a certain position,” Saleh continued. “It’s about having the ability to adapt within your role. You’ll be faced with internal and external challenges; and if you fail to listen, delegate, and adapt properly, you will not serve the student body the way that they deserve to be served.”

Saleh said her original goal was changing the culture of Student Government. She also wanted to create a website that would assist Student Government in “publicizing our administration and holding them accountable.”

Saleh said she plans to continue the creation of the website when she re-joins Student Government later on as a fellow.

While, according to Saleh, she and Nassar had some internal issues, Saleh said that she understands being President is stressful and that it’s a lot of pressure. 

“I know she is grateful for my help,” Saleh said.

As for Saleh’s future plans, she said she hopes to dive deeper into one of the many other organizations and projects she’s currently involved with. Saleh said she “spread myself too thin, on purpose” last semester in order to find what she is passionate about, which she found to be the topics of sexual assault prevention and campus safety. She looks forward to working more in depth with these topics and graduating in April 2022.

“I don’t need to be Vice President to do those things,” Saleh said.

“I’ve heard people say that we’re pretentious or we carry on the idea that only Student Government members can do this,” Saleh said. “Anybody can do it. You don’t have to be a part of Student Government to get it done as long as you know what resources you have and who’s available to you.”

Nassar told the Michigan Journal that she supports Saleh in her decision and all her endeavors. She declined to comment any further on Saleh’s resignation.

Saleh isn’t sure who is going to replace her or when, but she thinks that the organization is going to try to fill it as soon as they can. Nassar told the Michigan Journal that they could schedule a meeting with her or attend the next Student Government meeting to learn more (which, according to VictorsLink, is scheduled for Jan. 24). 

Saleh said that she’d be happy to help train the new Vice President should Student Government reach out to her.

According to Saleh, Student Government’s Secretary and Director of Inclusion both resigned on Jan. 16. Student Government’s Facebook page lists Fawjia Yeasmin as their (now former) Director of Inclusion. Yeasmin confirmed that she resigned but declined to comment any further. According to Saleh, Amy Baier is the Secretary that resigned, but Baier declined to comment.


  1. What kind of horrible writing is this? It’s disappointing to see the Michigan Journal has gone from being a respected newspaper to a trashy tabloid.

    • You need to get over yourself there my guy! This is good writing! You really don’t need to be leaving comments if you’re just going to be unnecessarily negative! Like go bother someone else with that junk!

    • So true. They’re such bullies these people have been picking on her since she ran for President cause she uses a wheelchair. Talk about a inclusive paper- seems like they just want any reason to hate on disabled people with their “opinions”

      • You are ignorant! Maybe she just isn’t a good president, in fact she might not be a nice person either. I’m not personally saying she is either of those things. But to say they are going after her because she is disabled is ignorant and just childish! Please think about what you say before you start typing!

        • Bob you are ignorant and stupid followed by very weak and scared of Sarah Nassar the highly successful and very intelligent aspiring young lady in a wheelchair who has defied all odds and became PRESIDENT of Student Government.

          Jealous much are you?

        • Bob, you are ignorant anyone who knows Sarah knows that she is TOO nice. And as for you saying she may or may not be nice, it seems apparent that you are in fact a bully and not thinking about her mental health let alone anyone else’s. Did you know that someone threatened to KILL HER & that she was stalked just for deciding to run for this position in a school where people ACT like mental health and inclusion is everything? STOP THE HATE AND LET THIS GIRL LIVE.

          • To hear that someone threatened to kill her is really disturbing. Why was she being stalked? Why was there no follow up on a threat like that. I feel bad that some would threaten a girl who is disabled.

  2. Please do tell what you did since September as Vice President. Clearly your focus is not about student representation and just about yourself, or you wouldn’t put down the one source of power students have.

    • Ray,
      First, I want to applaud how passionate you are about student life. You seem to really care about students’ voices. However, you have to understand where Amanda is coming from. The article very clearly describes an unfit working environment. How do you expect one to be able to thrive in such an organization?? Also, the fact that SG has gone through not one, but two vice-presidents and multiple e-board positions is a major concern for me as a student. Something isn’t working there. Issues like these ultimately do boil down to leadership.


      • I can’t believe this has become so disgustingly sad to see all these people attacking Sarah Nassar. Let me tell you that this young lady’s soul is intact. It is pure and can not be compromised because she stands for equality and justice. Chandler, you so much as have the nerve to rebuttal what Ray is saying? Chandler you sound like a little fairy crying about her boyfriend. Ray is correct. This Amanda with to much anxiety and mental health issues and always had made excuse not to go to the SG meetings should never have been VP and Sarah Nassar is the most honest HONORABLE and dignified person I know. Her integrity cannot be compromised and she has done an excellent job as PRESIDENT of SG. How shamefully inept for Amanda and other attacking a wheelchair bound completely physically disabled Student who has worked effortlessly to serve the students at University of Michigan Dearborn.

        Shamefully inept is to say the least. I would like to see any of you try to do what this young lady has done. She has attended numerous events with Our State and Federal Representatives, attended many other meeting and events with judges and local officials and lost hours of sleep keeping up with her school works and Student Government responsibilities while she has never fell short on those duties. Really? You want to attack a defensely person like Sarah. Sarah had worked effortlessly to keep a 4.0 GPA. Always RESPECTFULLY engaged with the school staff and students.
        Only reason to hate her is because surely some of you are jealous of this very intelligent, hardworking and uncorruptable aspiring law student who has ten folds the challenges that Chandler the sobbing fairy has. Shame in you all.


          • Are you mentally I’ll Bob. Are you? Don’t cry baby. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Awwww. Poor baby.

            You attack a defenseless disabled girl and you think people should hold back. You and Amanda breed jealously and hate for her because you envy her.

      • Chandler it seems like Manda aint able to handle her position so she needed to put someone down just like people in the hood. sis snapped cause she couldnt handle her position

    • Ray I feel you. Did she do annthin? I feel bad for this chick they postin how they bout her without any background. @ Michigan Journal can u send me the Presidents info she needs some kindness.

    • What is a VP to do when her President schedules and attends faculty meetings without her? What is a VP to do when the entire organization cannot vote on bylaw changes, co-sponsorships, or anything when the entire SG body does not meet quorum? Nothing. There is literally nothing she can do in her position. Nothing can get done.

      • WOW! Look what we have her. Someone comes on to pretend to be be Lynn. I wonder who the real person is behind this user name? You seem to know quite a bit just by this comment alone. More like regurgitating what someone was saying in the article. Could it be you? Well well well!

        Lets break down your feeble minded foolish statement about how Sarah was again; at fault? Yes! Sarah, was at fault for everything since the dawns of time. She is at fault for everything that has ever happened since the first day of the UM-Dearborn when it opened as the Dearborn Center of the University of Michigan on September 28, 1959. Yes Lynn, wheel chair bound and disabled Sarah is certainly at fault. . What a sorry excuse you are for a human being. Sarah worked diligently to keep the Student Government active.

        “What is a VP to do when her President schedules and attends faculty meetings without her?”
        And do you have evidence that it was Sarah that was at fault or are you just conjuring that up also. If you have evidence than bring forth the evidence for the gauntlet has been set. I will make a calculated analysis that you are not telling the truth and Amanda most likely made up excuses not to go to those meeting and would let “others” know that “she will not attend” Yes, most likely Amanda has made decisions not to attend.

        “What is a VP to do when the entire organization cannot vote on bylaw changes, co-sponsorships, or anything when the entire SG body does not meet quorum?”
        How is Sarah able to make or have votes on bylaws or changes or pass funding when she had her own VP sabotaging her meetings as she informed “others” that she will not attend and hinted for”other” them not to attend? Interesting how people start talking in the crowded Student Center and things are overheard
        and passed on. Interesting how thing are over heard by ordinary students when people speak when no one can see but all can hear. . Shall we say Sabotage and Conspiracy by the VP and “others”. I think you need to revisit your comment there Lynn.

        “Nothing. There is literally nothing she can do in her position. Nothing can get done.”
        And Yes! I agree with you. NOTHING! Nothing can be done and she (Sarah) can not do anything when her VP goes behind her-back and conspires and sabotage her selfless serves, all her effort and servitude to the Student Body, because some people want her to fail. Well she is not failing. She if pushing forward and continue to diligently work as President of the Student Government. She may be disable but, she has Intestinal Fortitude (something you and “others” lack) and the courage of a thousand men to stand up to bullies like you and all “other” and specifically that coward and that threatened to kill her during the elections. SHAME ON YOU “ALL”!

        • Ah. You seem to have misunderstood my comment, especially under the assumption that I am someone else?? I am sincerely confused. I merely paraphrased what Amanda said in the article. but let me rephrase that there is nothing ANYONE can do in ANYBODY’s position when QUORUM is not met. I am impressed as to how you somehow twisted my words as if I were blaming Sarah for why people fail to attend SG but I assure you, that is not the case. God, since you have so much time on your hands, will we be seeing you on Friday, I hope? I assume we won’t be meeting quorum so we’ll have plenty of time to talk. :)

  3. First thing first Chandler, my cousin Aby resigned from SG and left UMD to become a police officer. Himself and Sarah have great communication and have always worked well together. In today’s day and age you should definitely do research before believing an OPINION based article. Its supposed to be an article on Amanda, but its evident that its just attacking the president. As someone who has been in SG before i can definitely tell that this is not true. Last year, the year before and before that people have resigned from student government. For you and for her to attack someone and talk about them and for the person writing this article to title it about Amanda and than talk about a girl named Sarah is quite slanderous.

    ~Mariam Bazzy

    • Hi Mariam,

      I appreciate the clarity on Aby’s resignation.

      I do want to point out that I have been in Student Government, specifically last year and the year before.

      Two years ago there was drastically different culture within student governemnt. You are 1000000% correct, people have resigned in the past. People will always resign, life happens. But the question is why do they resign? Last year a good amount of my friends resigned because they felt student government was toxic and they couldn’t handle that kind of stress from it. I personally resigned this summer for that reason and for the fact I did not agree with practices that were happening. (Did you know they attempted to pass the budget over email? Something that should be done publicly so students can very clearly see how much money is being dedicated to campus and how much is being given to the E-board/chairs of committees).

      I want it clear that I am not attacking anyone. I assume you are referring to when I said issues boil down to leadership. YES that does involve the president, but it also involves the adviser, e board, etc. Please do clarify where I attacked anyone in my comments if that is not what you are referring to.

      Could you also point out where slander has happened?

  4. Bruh first they attack black people and now theyre attacking a disabled chick. this is supposed to be a diverse journal. you are REPRESENTING michigan stop discriminating and take this fake news down. Its obvious the girl doesnt want drama and the writer even says “Nassar told the Michigan Journal that she supports Saleh in her decision and all her endeavors.” It seems like Amanda and kyla is just vilifying a cripple.

    • Jerome, I agree with you. This is disgusting. They couldn’t beat her in the Student Government Presidential elections and now they come after her with a third rate news article conceived by a VP who was to stress out to take on the responsibility she asked for. Amanda is the problem and her cronies that support her unconditionally.

      I praise Sarah for her efforts. U of M Dearborn should have an up rear over the disgustingly bigot treatment of this highly intelligent and aspiring student.

    • They are attacking her when amanda says she feels like she’s doing to much, she probably opened the door for this poor disabled girl and got stressed. Hunny people quit and move on with their lives she clearly can’t if she’s just going to try and drag someone down.

        • brotha it be obvious. she talkin bout a cripple. is you like her 2? we only gettin her side and her side aint nice. blacks and cripples always gettin attacked. shame on y’all

          • is seems like he want all minorities to be segregated jyrome. He probably want her to go to a separate school to cause she different. To pick on a cripple? Mannnn You gotta be weak>

        • As Marcus said, “To assume she can’t be President of the Student Government because she is disabled is prejudice and a violation of her rights. She should not have to be subjected to all this abuse. She is being attacked, and not allow to be a student, not is she being allowed to use her full potential.

          Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 states, “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States, as defined in section 7(20), shall, solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from the participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance…” It goes on to explicitly say that this applies to “a college, university, or other postsecondary institution, or a public system of higher education.” Essentially, if an agency, institution, or entity accepts federal financial assistance, or accepts students who receive federal financial aid, it is prohibited from discriminating against anyone based on their disability.

          Section 7(20) of Section 504 defines an individual with a disability as “any person who has a disability as defined in Section 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.”

  5. This is a lame excuse for an article. The person who wrote the article should be give time off to learn the importance of facts.

  6. Amanda did fine work and we thank her for her service. There is definitely dysfunction and somehow people are trying to say the president is spotless, but leadership starts at the top. The resignations and turnover is telling us something is wrong. We do not need make this somehow political or about elections, the paper wasn’t in any elections. We have room for improvement and we should work toward that goal, rather than try to deny the sinking ship.

  7. I had a girl in one of my classes that was on the commission and she heard one of my friends and I talking about the election and she said that the commission was going to meet and they had a meeting scheduled in the UC and Sarah, Sarah’s Mom, and their lawyer showed up to the UC and asked where everyone was going to meet and went into the meeting room. Apparently they started yelling at the members of the commission about how they are going to sue because they can prove that they are a skewed commission. So the commission had to leave the room and they went over to the Union and were going to try to meet there, but Sarah’s Mom and the lawyer followed them over there. They had to cancel that meeting and eventually that girl quit the commission because she didn’t feel safe, and Amy Finley let her do it.

  8. This comments section is a perfect example of the current climate in Student Government. There is a constant need within that organization for some to call others out, make fun of their work, and call them derogatory terms like, “fairies”. It is this constant cut-throat environment, with all of these tensions between people that Amanda is talking about. They are so focused on insulting one another and criminalizing one another that they aren’t able to get past those issues and actually do their jobs which is to help students. Nowhere in this article did Amanda outright insult Sarah, she brought to light the culture in SG. Everyone is so quick to manipulate the narrative in order to criminalize her. You should try reading and understanding where she’s coming from. Amanda, thank you for sharing your story. That couldn’t have been easy, but I think this is going to help SG in the long run. It’s time the student body understand why they only hear about SG during elections. It’s time for the student body to hold their reps accountable.

    • Lenny nowhere do I see people using the term “fairie”. What is wrong with you? Amanda is criminalizing herself by being a hater and attacking a girl who uses a wheelchair. This world is a sad place because people like yourself and her. I’d suggest going to therapy people who hate have some deep rooted psychological issues. Thankfully today we have therapy that helps with this. If you’re a student we have free sessions be sure to take advantage of them. Amanda seems like she lives for drama I’m currently a psych major and I’m seeing that she may have anxiety and depression as she thinks people are out to get her and couldn’t handle being in her position.

      • If you read the rest of the comments you would see others calling each other “fairies” in a derogatory way. Which is far worse than any of the things mentioned in this article. Also, I can’t speak on behalf of President Nassar, but I’m sure she would like to be referred to by her title and not as “the girl in the wheelchair”. President Nassar deserves to be treated just like everyone else, and unfortunately that includes criticism of her leadership skills. No one in this article is making fun of her for being disabled. They are just critiquing her leadership skills. Lastly, why don’t we all stop trying to diagnose Amanda with mental health issues. As a psych major yourself, you probably understand how horrible it is to diagnose others. By the comments section alone, you would think this article was posted to Reddit and not on a college newspaper website. I don’t understand why we can’t have a discussion without trying to deeply insult each other.

  9. Know what your doing before bullying someone and making false statements about them. She has done a lot. The Michigan Journal is supposed to be sharing diverse news and being inclusive instead students may not have access to the journal because they are committing crimes. This writer should be very careful what she did is a defamation of character and against michigan law. Write about Amanda and stop putting someone else’s name in the story.

    • Jana the truth is the Michigan Journal gave this assignment to an inexperienced person who may have some bias towards Sarah. I think that the Article constitutes as Defamation of Character to the nth degree. They should (the editors) have looked at the article and realized it was biased and was attacking a person based on the opinion of another person who was unable to accept responsibility and do her job. She passed on the responsibility to others and because she “felt the environment was to stressful she decided to bail out and put blame on all except herself and her failures.

      The Michigan Journal need to be held accountable for this disturbing action. They should have considered the situation and should have understood that they should not defame or accuse a person based on another person opinion without presenting evidence if they have it on hand. They are not working towards being diverse, are not all inclusive and have seemingly violated the very essence of what it means to be an a Journalism entity. Do not forget you are dealing with a person who falls and is protected by federal Laws under the ADA and IDEA. The American Disabilities Act in both Title II (Public Services) and Title III (Public Accommodations and Services Operated by Private Entities), the ADA prohibits discrimination based on disability. Meaning to defame a person and attempt to prevent them from using their full potential in an academical public environment is a prejudice act. It is a discriminatory act and by law it is a violation of the persons Federal Rights under the ADA; Federal Laws specifically the American Disabilities Act. If the ACLU gets hold of this incident I can assure you that people will be losing their jobs and their will be meetings of higher management.

      I am not an expert but, I know something about this story is not good coming form a supposed fair and diversity enacting and all inclusive journal.

    • So true Jana. Amanda can’t be her own person so she based her article on all of Student Government and the President. Picking on the physically disabled… She must have been very stressed and there has to be something mentally underlying this.

  10. Someone visit the Michigan Daily(Ann Arbors journal) and read the article “CSG VP announces resignation, effective at the end of the semester” and tell me that Amanda isn’t a hater and the girl writing this isn’t a good journalist. The girl who resigned in Ann Arbor was very respectful and humble, admitting that she is stressed. Amanda, is the complete opposite deflecting from how stressed she feels and instead blaming all of student government and the poor president who is also respectful. What a difference in character. The real dearborn difference

    • thank you for this information. I did not know about this. Truly a humble and noble decision by the VP in Ann Arbor. Shows that she is a very sincere and responsible individual.

      • Brotha send me da link to dis story Ann Arbor be doin somethin good Sara i feelin you more powerful and stronger then these haterz. they be puttin you down like the people in da hood.

    • is u sayin anotha VP resigned and she aint a hater like Manda? some people be racist and some people be good.

  11. You can’t tell someone how to feel. If conflicts with the president were Amanda Saleh’s reasons for leaving, why should she have to hold back when interviewed? Besides she had other reasons too. Frustration with others does not always conflate with a vicious personal attack, it can and should be expressed tastefully, I think VP was able to do this. Especially about the wheelchair. I mean come on!!!!!

    • Yes! Exactly. Attacking a person in a wheelchair? Really. She should have humbled herself and left without making a ruckus and putting the spotlight on her for her “fifteen minutes of fame” and for the sole purpose of getting attention. Why did she even accept the interview with the infamously low quality journalism of the BIASED Michigan Journal and talk abut herself so much? It sounds narcissistic to me. Feelings and emotions are an integral part of our decision making process. We have Intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. Give that a person is intellectually intelligent, but not emotionally intelligent (mentally and emotionally stable) can be challenging because of their in ability to follow through with their responsibility. If they can’t or unable to resolve social problems it will be difficult. People solving skills, dialogue and diplomacy are a must if you are in a position of President or Vice President and you must have both Intellectual Intelligence and Emotional Intelligent to compete in the world of politics.. If you lack either of the two you are setting yourself up too fail on all endeavors. I hope and pray Amanda achieves in her academically, but it is something she will need to work at and do some soul searching focus on what she want. Putting blame on other is not responsible.

      • You’re comment is creating a lot stigma against those with mental illness. Also, emotional intelligence is NOT mental and emotional stability.

        I personally know Amanda, she is one of the most emotionally mature people that I know. So please take a step back Marcus.

        • I’m sure you know her well. That is good so I pray you help her in her daily challenges. From the article it sound like she was under a lot of pressure and spreading her self thin. she says ” she was spreading herself thin to find out what she is passionate about”. So hopefully she will find her passion and go forth in her goals. It seem like Politics is not one of her passions and as inferenced by the “spreading myself thin and passion comment”. I’m sure she will find what she wants in life and in her academic insights. I hope she is able to recover form this difficult decision to resign. You know before anyone takes on a challenge, they should research it and make sure you can take on that responsibility. I will pray for her and may the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Almighty Bless her and give her strength to continue.

  12. Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species. To this end, I hold M&M duels.

    Taking two candies between my thumb and forefinger, I apply pressure, squeezing them together until one of them cracks and splinters. That is the “loser,” and I eat the inferior one immediately. The winner gets to go another round.

    I have found that, in general, the brown and red M&Ms are tougher, and the newer blue ones are genetically inferior. I have hypothesized that the blue M&Ms as a race cannot survive long in the intense theater of competition that is the modern candy and snack-food world.

    Occasionally I will get a mutation, a candy that is misshapen, or pointier, or flatter than the rest. Almost invariably this proves to be a weakness, but on very rare occasions it gives the candy extra strength. In this way, the species continues to adapt to its environment.

    When I reach the end of the pack, I am left with one M&M, the strongest of the herd. Since it would make no sense to eat this one as well, I pack it neatly in an envelope and send it to M&M Mars, A Division of Mars, Inc., Hackettstown, NJ 17840-1503 U.S.A., along with a 3×5 card reading, “Please use this M&M for breeding purposes.”

    This week they wrote back to thank me, and sent me a coupon for a free 1/2 pound bag of plain M&Ms. I consider this “grant money.” I have set aside the weekend for a grand tournament. From a field of hundreds, we will discover the True Champion.

    There can be only one.

    • Love the synopsis John. LOL. It is true that some position are made foo the most qualified. Position of Leadership must be held by the most qualified and with merit. You are a very smart person. I can tell. I am going to buy a bag of M&M’s and do the same thing. I like the fact that you did this as an experiment also. Scientific minds are always looking for answers. Hmmmm?

    • John, I think what you are tying to say is one of them is strong minded while the other could not handle being a servant to the student body.

  13. Why is all the negative focus on the president when after reading this article, it clearly shows that the VP of the Student Government was not up to the job and was stressed out. It seems like the Michigan Journal is in fact very biased and has given a one sided projection of why the VP resigned. The article is defaming a Student who is President of the Student Body with absolutely no evidence and taking the VP’s word for it. Did any ask why Amanda couldn’t handle all the stress? Was she getting into a much too difficult position just to make a name and gain status? This is something that needs to be answered as well. Was she expecting it to be a walk in the park? What did the VP do if anything for the Students of U of M Dearborn. Please show us as we are reading to listen. All I read was ” Hey look at me everyone, I was VP of Student Government and I want recognition. All the focus is on how she was doing everything. Well , let us have evidence as who was the person doing all the work to ensure the student body is continuously serving the students rather than focusing on poor little Amanda cause she was having a stressful moment in her academic challenges.

    Maybe Amanda should never have taken on the responsibility in the first place. Why are people attacking this wheelchair bound disable student? Did the Michigan JOURNAL EVER CONSIDERING TO ASK THE Student Government President ABOUT THE CURRENT ADVERSE AND NEGATIVE RANTING ONLY A NARCISSIST CAN EXPOUND AND REGURGITATE WITHOUT EVEN CONSIDERING HOW ABSURD AND HATEFUL THEY SOUND.

        • Seeing as they discussed the next VP, it seems that there was discussion between Sarah and MJ. This would be a question for them though, I’m not psychic.

          • “Saleh isn’t sure who is going to replace her or when, but she thinks that the organization is going to try to fill it as soon as they can. Nassar told the Michigan Journal that they could schedule a meeting with her or attend the next Student Government meeting to learn more”

          • Why you talkin like you no? Brotha if u no them why u hatin on the cripple too. Chandler u is like a meany. pray the heathen dont catch on u like he be doinn to Manda

      • I also read in one of the posts that someone threatened to kill her? How is that possible? Why would anyone do such a horrible act of violence to a disabled girl? I am heart stricken to hear that. Oh My Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will pray for her.

          • Interesting… Maybe the Journal should post about the people who stalked the President and threatened to kill her. Those people must be psychotic :/ I wonder why that was not something released by them. Don’t you Chandler? Poor Sarah… Let’s get her story. She does not deserve this. Amanda needs to stop discriminating…..

          • I agree. In fact I am very interested to know who was stalking her. Most of all I would like to know the idiot that threatened to kill this poor defenseless girl who is in a wheelchair why he wast questioned about his threats to see how dangerous and psychologically unstable he or she is.. I mean. COME ON! SERIOUSLY? Threatening to kill Sarah the Disable Student Government President. Sounds like a movie script for Hollywood. This is absurd. The ramification of such a hostile and threatening behavior was not warranted a story by the Michigan Journal, yet this fabricated “It’s all Sarah’s fault” concocted store making front page new on this third rate fake news journal did? Really? No spine! No backbone! Just fake news and lies for the masses to torment Sarah and distract from the real reason why Amanda left her post.

            How about the truth?

            You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth. She was not up to the job and was “feeling spread thin and still looking for her true passions” what ever those are? That is the Truth!

      • Did she? Or was she being nice which wouldn’t have helped since the journal seems to want to write a negative tabloid. Reading this and seeing the presidents sincere support for the VP establishes she is much nicer then the girl whom resigned. She knows the difference between being professional and well what it seems Amanda is.

        • Absolutely Mikey. Could not not have said it any better. While Amanda was being stressed and feeling “spread thin and still looking for what she is passionate about”, Sarah maintain her bearing and professionalism and continued to work effortlessly, both on her academic goals and as President of the Student Government to serve the Students and U of M Dearborn. A classy Sarah I must say. She is awesome and probable the nicest girl to know.

      • Brotha how do you know? She said she supports the scary she devil i aint understand, what is u reading? Nice gal support an evil girl. Is Manda be white? Hatin on da cripple

  14. If only Student Government put this much energy into their work as they do in this comment section…

    Knowing people in SG, I can confirm that everything said in this article, while one-sided, is true. The drama, especially this year, has been heightened more than ever and it has made is a completely unproductive work environment. SG has spent only $3,000 of their $50,000 budget this year. This is our tuition money and quite frankly it is doing nothing due to the severe lack of initiatives on campus. At the end of the day, leadership starts at that top and something definitely needs to change.

    It is important to keep in mind that Amanda does not attack President Nassar in any personal way. She spoke her feelings and Nassar had the opportunity to defend herself (but chose not to). In a way, not responding shows the lack of openness and the current state in SG. It does not make sense for Amanda to go out of her way to make these statements if there wasn’t truth to them. I am unsure where everyone in the comments is getting the information about her feeling “overwhelmed” in her studies – seems like she was just over a toxic situation.

    Also, people are complaining about the lack of evidence to support her claims. If you want evidence, just attend an SG meeting and see the disorganization for yourself. Better yet, look around campus and see if there is any evidence of them even existing. The only thing they are good for is scantrons and I have tried to get them twice this year and they have been out lol.

    Also, the fact that the secretary and director stepped down shows something. You do not spontaneously lose two members of your executive board on the same day if there isn’t a clear issue within the organization. I wish someone could make a comment about their departure.

    Before bringing up all of these personal issues and attacks (“what has Amanda done” blah blah blah), recognize that it is the president’s job to set the expectations for an organization. Something definitely needs to change.


    • Actually it seems like this comment biased, just like the journal and Ms. Saleh. You obviously are just as negative as Amanda is. As a student on campus I know for a fact Student Government has done a lot for the Student Body and instead attacking why don’t you do some research. Last year I was a member of Student Government and there were multiple resignations. Are you going to attack last years President too? Sarah did respond and said she supported Amanda… It seems like the President has no issues with the VP. The VP is evidently a person who just sees the world in a pessimistic way, a person who wants to cause drama. I’ve seen the VP on campus and she does not talk it seems like she can only talk and hide behind a screen. It’s obvious she has mental health issues, probably a narcissist especially for attacking a disabled person, just like yourself Zayan. SAD that you also hide behind a screen. Why don’t you stop adding you own unnecessary opinions.

      • I do see your point . It seems like people are not fully aware of the fact that Sarah has worked diligently to improve the Student Body. People will always discriminate when they see someone who is weaker or smarter succeed. How Shameful to see such a smart girl with now way of protecting herself being attacked constantly and viciously by haters.

      • Personally just do not understand why everyone needs to bring her disability into this. No one is attacking Sarah for this. And also I dont think it is the best thing for you to say Amanda has mental health issues. That right there is bullying as well. All I am saying is Student Government has work that needs to be done and instead of focusing on such drama to actually get things done. Last Year’s president did a lot and did make a difference. I am not saying Sarah is not but i would like to see more from not only her but from student government as a whole.

    • Hey Zayaan, You know that in politics you keep feelings aside right? If you project feelings or emotions in politics that shows a person is weak mentally. It shows their mental, emotional and psychological state is not sound and in fact very unstable. No politician can survive if they project any feeling or emotions. Now I am not saying Amanda is any of the above but, you are saying she “spoke her feelings which is probably wrong in politics. Remember, Politics is the Science of Compromise and you when you are having a civil discussion you must leave feelings and emotion aside or it will become uncivil.

      Here are your words Zayaan.. Referencing to Amanda the person you are defending unconditionally.

      “It is important to keep in mind that Amanda does not attack President Nassar in any personal way. She spoke her feelings and Nassar had the opportunity to defend herself (but chose not to). In a way, not responding shows the lack of openness and the current state in SG.”

      Yes, as vice president and now resigned VP, she spoke and let her feelings be heard and knowing. You want to be a politician, you have to be able to maintain professionalism and maintain your public relations bearing towards you responsibilities to the people who voted for you and never to quit, even if it means defeat. Sarah’s priority to serve is on top of her list as Sarah has been doing and she continues to serve her Student Body without reservation.

      I applaud Sarah for her strengths, her courage, her candor, her integrity, and her commitment to her duties as President along with her selfless service she puts forth everyday to ensure the Student Body is represented and not neglected.

      • Last time I checked, student government members aren’t politicians. They are students who wish to make a change on campus and are the bridge between the actual politicians, and the student body. Who’s to say that one cannot lead with their emotions and their heart? Being a void of emotion does not make someone professional, superior, or smarter. It means that they are in tune with how they feel and that they’re not fake. The issues addressed in Student Government are led by feelings. It is through passion that they lead in an organization that interests them so that they can make effective change on campus. This isn’t a job, this isn’t the US government. This is a group of college students who sacrifice their time, and oftentimes their sanity, to hold events on campus, draw up proposals, and work closely with administration constantly and day and night. Let’s also acknowledge Amanda’s hardwork in Mental Health & Wellness, Active Minds, and letting her heart lead her in her successes. smh.

  15. I think by attacking Sarah who is protected under the ADA and trying to keep her from using her full potential because she is disabled, it is in itself an act of discrimination and self evident. A violation in terms of holding back a person with a divisibility who is attempting to achieve academic excellence and success with obstetrical and obstructions tormented by people who look down on her because she is disabled. Rather than seeing her as a human being and a student they want to discriminate against her they did to the other minorities as history has proven. To assume she can’t be President of the Student Government because she is disabled is prejudice and a violation of her rights. She should not have to be subjected to all this abuse. She is being attacked, and not allow to be a student, not is she being allowed to use her full potential.

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 states, “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States, as defined in section 7(20), shall, solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from the participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance…” It goes on to explicitly say that this applies to “a college, university, or other postsecondary institution, or a public system of higher education.” Essentially, if an agency, institution, or entity accepts federal financial assistance, or accepts students who receive federal financial aid, it is prohibited from discriminating against anyone based on their disability.

    Section 7(20) of Section 504 defines an individual with a disability as “any person who has a disability as defined in Section 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.”

  16. Wow this girl Amanda really hating on someone for clout. Why don’t you just make a tik tok lip syncing like everyone else in your generation. This article isn’t doing you any good except showing that you’re hater. Best part after reading the comments turns out your hating on someone disabled like things couldn’t get any more MEAN. Haters going to hate keep your head up sweetheart! #GiveSarahAVoice #StopTheDiscrimination

  17. #GiveSarahAVoice #StopTheDiscrimination A strong and brave person is not measure by how strong they are by beating and bullying weak and defenseless people. They are measure by Standing and Defending the weak, the poor, the sick, the homeless, the hungry, and the defenseless against the People who are Arrogant and Ignorant and Discriminant with their Thrones of Tyranny, Oppression, and Aggression.

  18. The list of accomplishments achieved by Student Government since the beginning of the new administration falls dramatically short in comparison to past administrations. It is true that only $3,000 of the $50,000 budget granted to Student Government has been distributed on campus. Those are YOUR tuition dollars at “hard work”. If you all are suddenly so pressed and interested in Student Government because of this one article, then you truly do not understand what actually occurs during these meetings. Quorum is rarely, if ever, consistent, and the high turnover of members both in elected seats and non-elected seats, is unfortunately, a reflection of the leadership of Student Government in its entirety. I ask that as the student body who has a VOICE and a VOTE in what occurs in student government, to please attend these meetings and see for yourself the disarray of the organization. Playing the blame game in a comment section of the Michigan Journal when likely none of you know either of these two women, is sad and disheartening.

    Student Government meetings are held every Friday at 4pm in Fairlane Center North 120/121. Hope to see you all there!

  19. Hello, My name is Bethany. I dont know these two girls personally, but as a human being, i know that there will always be two sides of the story. Shame on MJ, and all you ignorant fools, for believing rumors like this. Manda surely is upset with her inefficient and unproductive, unimaginative work ethic, and is covering up her faults by pointing fingers at an innocent human being. I can’t even read this article all the way through because it seems like it’s just a way for Amanda to vent about her personal issues. manda, if you are reading this, there are peer mentors and counselling services available for all students. let out your stress there. all you’re doing on this website is spreading a fire. and if only it was a fire of truths.

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