Opinion: Climate change and the Australian wildfires

Photo//Commonwealth of Australia 2020

Let me direct your attention to the continent of Australia. Prone to catching fires easy due to its desert climate and geography, Australians have to deal with bushfires every year, but this time enough is enough. There are several factors in to why Australia is prone to catch “bushfires” and “grass fires”. 

Grass fires are fast moving and have low to medium intensity damaging the agriculture of Australia and Bushfires are slow moving and have high intensity burning a lot of wildlife, forest, or even homes.

By looking at the data, you can already infer to why Australia gets fires regularly. Australia is pretty much a desert climate and that’s why only cities exist in the coast. In addition, they also have drought since it doesn’t rain. So while the rest of the world is cooling, Australia is heating up thus fires are more intense. So at this point, you’re probably asking “why doesn’t Arizona have much fires or even Middle East?” Bushfires are created by the environment in which absorbs and sends back to the environment. It’s happening everywhere, including back home like California having to deal with fires. The difference is that Australia regularly get these fires, in which they call “Fire Season” during the summer months of Australia. There’s so much change in the climate, it can sometimes cause extreme conditions such as bushfires.

It’s happening all around the world and it’s time that we wake up from our selfish ways and take care of our home – not just for ourselves, but for the generations to come. They might not have a place to call home. You’re probably telling yourself, there’s nothing that “I” can do. The small things we can all do can add up. Just by being more environmentally conscience and sustainable, we might save the world. You can contribute by going to several websites such as donating to Australia Red Cross here, and you can donate to the Food Bank in Australia here, so people affected don’t have to worry about being hungry. You can even plant trees, it might not be in Australia, but it will be for the future of the world. This world need trees in anyway it can get them. 

We need to stop these fires because these trees give world life. Not only the trees, but it affects Australia’s life in many ways. If this continues to be regularly thing, there might not be Australia. 

Also this situation isn’t only happening in Australia. Perhaps it’s a warning if we continue what we are doing, more wildlife will be in danger, such as in California or places that have similar climate as Australia with wildlife. 

Have you ever had to witness a wildfire? I went camping when I was a freshman in college and I saw the campfire burning away these logs and whatever we put in it – in fact it increased the intensity of the fire. When we had to extinguish the fire, it didn’t die out quickly. It took quite a bit to put it out. Imagine that in a 100 fold, where the fire is burning away everything in its way and there’s no water or way to extinguish the fire, making the fires more dangerous. 

The next time you have to deal with fire (if you’re inside), it is best not to put anything in it that includes water as it is add fuel to the fire and never go near the fire, always look for an exit.  Then call the emergency hotline immediately. Just remember this, the life of a fire is oxygen and you need oxygen, so the fire is consequently depleting your oxygen so it’s best to look for an exit as soon as possible. Sooner than later, this very world will change and we and the animals will have to adapt so we all do not die. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what is happening. These wildfires that are currently happening in Australia are affecting the habitat in which those animals live. Not only  does it affect the animals, it also affects the trees and the rest of nature in Australia. We rely on these plants because they produce oxygen and give us food to eat.  What do you think will happen when trees are burning and dying away? Let’s just say we won’t be alive for long and we won’t want to live in a world with chaos. This world is filled with beautiful things like the landscape, the oceans, and the animals and plants in which we live with. Let it us not turn it into a wasteland and use time to take care of our home.