Way too early 2020 QB Fantasy Draft rankings

Lamar Jackson will remain the top QB in the league for 2020. Photo//Patrick Smith/Getty Images.

Now that the NFL season is coming to a close, it’s time to start looking forward to the 2020 fantasy year. This will be a series of four articles in which QB, RB, WR, and TE will be evaluated going into the new season. This will not include the 2020 rookie draft class as they will be added in a later article. A further explanation of certain players will be provided as we begin to evaluate targets in the 2020 fantasy year.

Tier 1: Elite
1) Lamar Jackson
2) Patrick Mahomes
Tier 2: Mid Pack QB1s
3) Deshaun Watson
4) Jameis Winston
5) Dak Prescott
6) Russell Wilson
Tier 3: Potential QB1s
7) Kyler Murray
8) Matt Ryan
9) Carson Wentz
10) Josh Allen
11) Drew Brees
12) Matt Stafford
13) Ryan Tannehill
Tier 4: QB2s
14) Kirk Cousins
15) Aaron Rodgers
16) Cam Newton
17) Baker Mayfield
18) Mitchell Trubisky
19) Jared Goff
20) Ben Roethlisburger

Lamar Jackson- Where to draft Lamar Jackson? This will be one of the biggest questions throughout the offseason for fantasy owners. Jackson had just one game under 20 points all season and should be drafted by the middle of the second round in most leagues. For those that have been following the strategy of taking quarterbacks later in drafts, let someone else take Lamar with their first or second round pick. He is the exception to never taking a quarterback in the first few rounds because, if healthy, he offers both top 12 QB and RB point value.

Jameis Winston and Dak Prescott- Let’s group these two in the same summary. Both are coming off career seasons aside from Winstons’ turnovers, but have plenty of uncertainty going into next season. For Winston, the Bucs have yet to sign him to a contract. If he is signed, Jameis is a lock as a top five QB with a healthy Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. In Dak’s case, the Cowboys will have to resign him and star WR Amari Cooper to establish him as a top five QB. Also, with new coaching all around, Prescott may have to adjust to a new system.

Kyler Murray- Murray showed a ton of promise this year while working with limited weapons. His touchdown percentage of 3.7% is guaranteed to go up next year towards the league normal 6%. Murray was still extremely impressive in 2019, throwing for 3,700 yards and tacking on 500 rushing yards. He has the potential for a full breakout season next year, while still being a mid to late round pick in most fantasy drafts. Let’s see who the Cardinals draft to help him out before paying up for the talent of Murray in fantasy drafts.

Aaron Rodgers- It’s time to start questioning whether A-Rod should even be drafted. While that’s not quite the case yet, he should be drafted as no better than a QB2 going into next year. His seventh place finish among signal callers is very misleading as he only scored more than 20 in three games all season. As they continue to lean on Aaron Jones for touchdowns, Rodgers’ season long upside is capped, but can still give you 40 points on any given week.

Mitchell Trubisky- For as bad as Trubisky is as an NFL quarterback, he’s had some fantasy bright spots. As the QB26 last year, he still managed the same number of 20 point games as Rodgers. If he runs the ball as often as he did weeks 12-16 (31 attempts, 134 yds, 2 TDs) he can provide some QB2 value next season. There’s potential value in taking him extremely late or off waivers next year.

Breakout Potential Players:
Kyler Murray
Josh Allen
Baker Mayfield

Bust Potential Players:
Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
Jared Goff