Should the Mardigian Library close its doors to non-students?


It has come up more than once over the years. Wayne State and other surrounding college (or high school) students will come and invade the second floor of the library on campus several times a semester. They are loud and generally make everyone upset.



  1. They take up our already crowded parking situation. 

I understand that a lot of students from other colleges probably have friends here on campus – that’s absolutely fine. Just don’t take OUR parking spots. As most of you know, half of our biggest parking lot is closed due to the ELB construction. So a good 100-200ish people cannot get a parking spot when they need it. It’s obvious where our visitors should have to go: the third floor of the parking structure – that happens to be the designated visitor parking on campus. Still, Campus Safety isn’t exactly cracking down on these students stealing our parking spots since they have hundreds of other cars to be protecting in the meantime. 


  1. Spoiler Alert: They’re loud.

Sure, I understand that the second floor of the Library is the student collab floor where it’s okay to talk at a normal leveled voice, like an inside voice. Often times, these people take up space that is needed for groups to meet up and go over things, or to continue working on projects. If our visitors are there to study or collab with a student on campus, that should be fine. But don’t come on campus expecting a party. Many people go to the library to STUDY. If you’re being really loud on the second floor, the noise will distract people on the first floor. You’ll also push a lot of students to go on the upper floors, which are meant for the more serious studiers. Group projects can’t be completed the third and fourth floors – where you can get removed for being loud.


  1. Often times, it’s not just college students.

I understand that high school students from surrounding high schools will also invade our library, sometimes at the same time as the other college students, making it even louder than it already is. I understand that the library is technically a public library, but tons of students that actually go to UM-D don’t like that this is happening. While I’m all for high school students getting a slice of life from college students, they certainly can do this without taking our parking spaces. 


SUGGESTION: Access to the upper floors requires students to use their student ID. 

Some areas on campus already use a scanning technique to track how many students use certain facilities. Would it be hard to put a station on the second floor requiring you to simply scan your M-Card and then go about your business? It would open a new job or two for the library, and keep our unwanted visitors out of the library’s second floor. 


What about the parking situation?


Well, that’s up to Campus Safety to take care of. They are already doing a fantastic job of keeping our campus safe from thieves and other issues. But, I suggest that Campus Safety could add a section on their website to report the students that are invading our parking spaces. They already have a ticket submission for lost and found items, so what’s so hard about adding something like this to keep our campus both safer and more efficient for the students paying for it? We each are required to have a sticker in our window to indicate that we are current students, but as I said, Campus Safety doesn’t have time to go through every car and make sure that a little sticker is in the window of every car. Still, I think it would help out a little. 


What do you think UM-D could do to crack down on non-current students in the library?

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Nathan Lawrence
Nathan Lawrence is a Junior majoring in Secondary Education in English and Minoring with an ESL certification. He's been a part of the Journal for all 3 of the years that he's attended UM-D, and has loved every minute of it. He is an avid creative writer, shutterbug, and experienced writer. He enjoys food, seeing movies with friends, and trying new ideas for writing!