Beyoncé drops Adidas x Ivy Park line


Beyoncé has come out with a new Ivy Park line of activewear in collaboration with the popular athletic brand Adidas. The line was released on January 18th breaking the internet immediately. This is Beyoncé’s first-ever collaboration with her activewear brand Ivy Park and she is already dominating the sportswear scene.

Reese Witherspoon modeling the line.

In her collection, she includes a plethora of activewear items such as her inclusive gender-neutral apparel, biker shorts, jackets, accessories, and four types of footwear. Beyoncé is no stranger to the sportswear industry, but her collaboration with Adidas with her Ivy Park activewear line was her first time entering the sneaker business.

All of the sneakers in this collection feature the Ivy Park logo and the well-known combined colors of maroon, orange, and cream that are common throughout the entire line. The four different pairs of sneakers in collaboration with Ivy Park are the two different colors of Nite Joggers (my personal favorite), Ultra Boosts, and the Sambarose that are all designed by Beyoncé herself.

Queen Bey has been able to have even more free reign with the creative direction of Ivy Park now that she has bought out Philip Green’s share of the company. This provided Beyoncé to have full ownership of the brand Ivy Park and has led to its exponential growth today. This collection has size ranges from XS to XL. Despite this collection’s size range, each piece is oversized whereas it is advised to order a size (or two) down. The Adidas x Ivy Park collection has a diverse price range as well. So no one is left out regardless of economic background. Pieces are priced between $25 to $250.

But let us not forget the people who were blessed enough to be placed on the public relations list for this collection. A select few were met with a big orange box (and sometimes maroon) that resembled a closet at their doorstep. This popular orange closet was able to be opened from left to right by unbuckling the buttons (or unbuckling the box) and there you were met with multiple pieces from the Adidas x Ivy Park collection and a note from Beyoncé herself. Fun unboxing videos have already hit the internet from celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Janelle Monae, Reese Witherspoon, and Kelly Rowland (Beyoncé’s childhood friend).

This collaboration has taken the sportswear industry by storm, selling out within days of being released, and it is truly an honor to see one of the world’s leading sportswear companies collaborate with one of the biggest music inspirations, Beyoncé.

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