If YouTubers Kian and JC have taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing more chaotic and entertaining than an isolated house filled with social media influencers who have no access to any social media.

“The Reality House” is a YouTube series produced and hosted by Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, where they gather various YouTube and social media personalities in one house and have them compete in challenges until all but one person is eliminated. The winner brings home a cash prize.

Kian and JC are back, having renewed their successful YouTube show “The Reality House” for another season. The first go-around received high praise and interest with over 26.6 million total views. Season 2 premiered last month on Jan. 10, which means the cell phones are confiscated and the challenges are back on.

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The stakes are higher this season with Kian and JC awarding the last standing YouTuber in the house $50,000, which is double than last season’s prize. The production and editing has also been revamped with competitors now wearing mics, “hidden” cameras and a new intro.

The series has also been sponsored by SeatGeek and viewers are encouraged to tweet about the series using #RHS2.

The challenges this season are high in variety, requiring both physical and mental capabilities (and some level of fear facing). Think pools and giant claw machines.

There is also no shortage of twists, drama and jokes between Taylor and Dom bickering, the contestants’ poor word scramble skills, and the pure rage that a missing coconut berry Red Bull can incite.


New episodes come out on Mondays and Fridays, and there’s still time to catch up before one winner walks away with $50,000 in their pocket.

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