Black Girl Magic: World-renowned makeup artists


In honor of Black History Month, I will be featuring three Black women in the makeup artistry field. These three women have done work with multiple celebrities and their work has been featured and seen on magazine covers that have come across our eyes today. These phenomenal women have broken barriers within the beauty industry and makeup artistry field by creating inclusivity. They have done this through the creation of their makeup lines and or their talent of working with all skin tones. These ladies have provided women of color the opportunity to be able to find their proper foundation shade and be included in the beauty community fully. This has been the most impactful for Black women most importantly due to the lack of shade ranges we have been afforded in previous years. Black women, especially those with darker skin, have been put in a position to not be involved in the beauty community due to the lack of representation and inclusiveness that is present in a lot of makeup brands and makeup artists. Of course, the beauty community has made great strides over the years, but there is still a long way to go.



Danessa Myrics

Danessa Myricks is a renaissance woman. She is not only a makeup artist, but she is a photographer, product developer, global educator, and CEO of her own makeup line. Her makeup line is known as “Danessa Myricks Beauty.” In this makeup line, Danessa has inclusive multi-purpose formulas for the skin and pigmented eyeshadows that suit every skin tone. Her customizable colors and texture are made for professional makeup artists and consumers. Danessa had a mission that the world of beauty should be inclusive to everyone. As she says, “My vision was to create a brand where there were limitless possibilities for women from all walks of life to create.” You may see Danessa’s makeup artistry skills on Lizzo, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jackie Aina, and her makeup line is also featured in Essence magazine. You can see more of her work and check out her makeup line on her Instagram page, @danessa_myricks, and website,


Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is a makeup artist and the CEO of Pat McGrath labs that includes her world-renowned makeup line. Her makeup line is geared towards the professional makeup artist and the daily consumer as well. The usage of bold hues and the technique of using her hands instead of brushes when it comes to makeup artistry has brought her positive attention in the beauty industry. Pat McGrath has been named the most influential make-up artist in the world by Vogue magazine. She was also included in Time’s “100 Most Influential People” list. Her versatile makeup line has been seen on runways, multiple magazine covers, celebrities, and the daily consumer. Recently her work was seen in the Givenchy Couture SS20 fashion show and she has also done makeup on “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown. You can see more of Pat’s work on her Instagram, @PatMcgrathReal and her website,


Mali Thomas

Mali Thomas, known as “King Mali Magic,” is a makeup and visual artist. Mali is heavily known for her skin work and her constant dedication to show the representation of Black women and women of color as a whole of all shades. Mali is skilled in creating shades that are a true match to women of color skin tones. She is also a beauty activist for women of color who is responsible for the #DewyBrownGirl project. This is a vital movement that pushes brown girls of all shades and skin textures to embrace their glowy skin and who they are as a woman of color. Mali loves to share her techniques with her audience and makes it her duty to make her techniques available to women of color. Some of her work is featured on Adrienne Bailon, Nicki Minaj, and on the cover of Vogue Japan. Follow Mali on Instagram to see her work @KingMaliMagic.


These women are no stranger to the beauty industry and the needs of women of color. They have been a voice for Black women and have included Black women of all shades in their makeup artistry and products. They continue to encourage that the world of beauty should always be accessible and inclusive.

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