Lowkey Valentine’s Day dates

  1. Movie Night

This one seems rather obvious but what could be better than a night in cuddled up with your significant other? Dress up your typical “Netflix and Chill” by curating the perfect night in. Set the scene by building a comfy pillow fort with twinkle lights to add to the dreamy vibe. If you want to play into the festivities order a heart-shaped pizza and gift a pair of matching PJs to your valentine. Create a movie lineup consisting of cheesy rom-coms or terrifying horror movies. Also, be sure to stock up on your Valentine’s favorite snacks. This stress-free Valentine’s Day date takes all the frills and formalities out of the holiday so that you can celebrate getting to know your date more authentically.


  1. Galentine’s Day

TREAT YO’SELF! Call up your besties because it is time for some serious R&R. Pull out all the stops with obscure facemasks, beauty treatments, and chick flicks. Blast some of Lizzo’s and Beyonce’s finest as your girl gang celebrate being strong, independent women this Valentine’s Day. Take five from your dance party to cool down with a wide variety of ice creams or spice things up with some D.I.Y cocktails. Write each other affirmations and gift your friends with a bouquet of their favorite flowers or go classic with candy. Remember nothing says female empowerment like a much-needed sleepover!


  1. Game Night

Maybe this is a little old fashioned but game night is an inexpensive way to gather with friends and engage without cell phones. Come, single friends, coupled friends, and it’s complicated friends! Have everyone bring a food or beverage item so that the host isn’t responsible for putting everything together. Make sure to come equipped with about three to five games; depending on the size of your group, you may not get to all of them. My personal favorites for game night include: Throw Throw Burrito, Red Flags, Cards Against Humanity, and Joking Hazard.


  1. Escape Room

Nothing is sexier than a good mystery even if it’s a made-up one. Impress your date with your wit and incredible problem-solving skills by escaping the room before the time is up. There are a wide variety of themed rooms to choose from and different levels, so try your luck with an expert level or play it safe with a beginner room. Escape rooms can get a little pricey so be sure to check Groupon before booking your room. Also, just as a fair warning, check with your date first to see if they are claustrophobic before planning this event.


  1. Axe Throwing

Channel your inner lumberjack by paying a business to let you throw axes for an hour. Yes, this is a real thing and yes, it is a lot of fun. Basically, there’s a target on the wall and you just throw your axe at it. It sounds a little intense but with all of the staff around, it is a safe environment. If you’ve just gone through a breakup this might be a fun way to blow off some steam with your friends this Valentine’s Day. Put on some plaid, throw an axe around for a few hours, and end the night with some craft beer like any lumberjack would on this holiday.

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