MI travel guide part 2: sayings and phrases


Continuing last week’s explanation of the odd things that make up Michigan, I present you with a guide to the Midwestern accent. Enjoy!

    1. Oop!” You probably hear this often. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s the Michigander way of saying “Oops!” For whatever reason, we cut off the “S” at the end.
    2. Secretariah State.” People from the Midwest have a verbal tic where we slur a lot of our words together. If it’s easier to say a sentence one way, rather than the correct way, we’ll probably use the easier one. This funny phrase is “Secretary of State.” A lot of Michiganders will slur words together! You’ve probably heard it before.
      1. Probly or Proly instead of Probably
      2. Ne’ermind instead of Nevermind
      3. Meer instead of Mirror
      4. Adding -a where the word “of” is and sluring the “smaller words” in a sentence.
        1.  “Insteada goin’ there, we ‘re thinkin’a going there.”
      5. “Mightuv” or “Mighta”  the combination of Might Have.
      6. Yoosta instead of used to
      7. Go tuh the store
      8. You wanna go ‘er what? Or is non-existant sometimes!
    3. Overpronuncing our Vowels. This is a regional thing! 
      1. Mop pronounced as Maw-p
      2. Pop paw-p
      3. Allen as AH lin instead of Ahllen
      4. The list is so long!
    4. Yes and No. Often times in the Midwest, you’ll hear someone ask a yes or no question. Have you ever heard someone say:
      1. No, yeah (Meaning, Yes)
      2. Yeah, no (Definitely No)
      3. Yeah, no for sure (Absolutely)
      4. No, yeah, no. (Oh, nothing to worry about with that.)
    5. Adding ‘s to the end of EVERYTHING.
      1. If you go to the store, you might be going to Meijer’s, K-mart’s or Kroger’s.
      2. If you used to work in automotive, you might have worked at Ford’s or GM’s.
      3. If you were at the mall, you might have gone into Penny’s.
      4. If you went to a restaurant, you might have eaten at Qdoba’s.


  • YooPee or Yooper


      1. This is the U.P or a person who is from the Upper Peninsula 


  • Jeet? Or Dijeet?


    1. The slang way of asking if you ate. Jeet=You eat? Dijeet=Did ya eat?


Join us next week when we go over some of the things that you can ONLY find in our great state of Michigan, as well as how to use these strange items (like the Michigan left).