Student Government signs resolution ‘to support disabled, multicultural, and LGBTQ+ students’ that ‘wasn’t translated well’


Earlier this week, UM-Dearborn Student Government approved a resolution that aimed to “call upon the University of Michigan- Dearborn to support disabled, multicultural, and LGBTQ+ students.”

The resolution was approved unanimously across the Inclusion Committee and the senate.

However, some UM-Dearborn students had concerns with the support resolution, saying the resolution is vague in regards to what the actual goals are. The resolution also does not state any specific ways Student Government plans on reaching those goals.

Multiple students reached out to the Michigan Journal to express their concerns with the new resolution. You can read some of their opinions on our site.

Student Chandler Gimson even said he was “belittled” by Student Government when he reached out to their Instagram to discuss his opinion. Read his opinion piece on our website.

All Instagram conversation photos courtesy of Chandler Gimson.


After several students’ concerns were brought to the attention of Student Government, Student Government President Sarah Nassar reached out to the Inclusion Committee to draft “a stronger resolution.” According to Nassar, the committee is “working on another resolution specifically targeting their concerns.”

Nassar also said that they received “mostly positive” feedback when this resolution was passed.

“We wanted students to know that just as much as this campus celebrates inclusion, Student Government does too,” said Nassar. “Student Government is and always [has] been here for the students and wants to continue representing us all in any way possible.”

“The resolution was passed with good intention,” said Student Government Vice President Hassan Arjouche. “It was meant to urge the university to be more inclusive. Unfortunately that wasn’t translated well. However, the mission remains the same and we are actually thankful for the feedback which we will be using in drafting a new resolution.”

Student Government posted about the signing of a total of four resolutions on Feb. 8, writing in the caption that they have “been working hard to make your campus concerns
disappear,” and that the four resolutions focused on “campus initiatives and inclusion.”

The three other resolutions were posted on the Student Government Facebook page. One is “a resolution to call upon the university to create more designated locations for disabled students to comfortably take exams.” The second is “a resolution to support the 1U (one university) campaign.” The third resolution is to “urge the University of Michigan-Dearborn to provide free feminine products in restrooms.”

Part of the support resolutions reads, “be it finally resolved that the University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Government will circulate this resolution to all relevant outlets, including the University Chancellor, the University Provost, the members of the Board of Regents, and The Michigan Journal student newspaper.”

As of Feb. 11, Student Government had not sent any of the resolutions to the Michigan Journal. The Journal was given screenshots of the unpublished support resolution from another source. However, President Nassar did give the Journal permission to post screenshots of all the resolutions on the Journal’s website.