‘Katy Keene’ premieres on The CW


What do you get when you have four best friends taking New York City by storm, trying to make their wildest dreams come true all while navigating the pitfalls of life and love? You get CW’s latest show “Katy Keene,” which premiered on Thursday, Feb. 6. 

“Katy Keene” is a spin-off of CW’s hit “Riverdale” and takes place five years after the events of the latter. Both shows are loosely based off of characters from the Archie Comics. 

The show’s titular character is played by none other than Lucy Hale, who is no stranger to the world of teen dramas having starred as Aria on the hit show “Pretty Little Liars” for seven years.

Hale stars as Katy Keene, a budding fashion designer who works at a prestigious department store by day but wants something more for her life all while trying not to succumb to its craziness. Whether it’s dealing with her evil boss Gloria or navigating her serious relationship with boxer (and bouncer) K.O. Kelly, Katy’s got her hands full.

She lives in an apartment with her brand new roommate, Josie (Ashleigh Murray), who some might recognize from “Riverdale”. New to the city, Josie has traded in her pussycat ears and arrived in New York to make a name for herself as a musician.

The show also stars Julia Chan as Pepper and Jonny Beauchamp as Jorge. Not much is known about Pepper yet (after all we’re only two episodes in) besides she’s a confident it-girl who has connections to a lot of people. Meanwhile, Jorge is trying to make it as a professional Broadway actor. When he’s not auditioning for a role, he’s doing drag and performing on stage as Ginger at the bar.

A televisual anthem for starving artists trying to find their voices everywhere, something tells us fans will find this show nothing short of fun and inspiring. 

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