Looking for makeup products and want to buy from new makeup brands? These four makeup brands will do the job of providing you with fun makeup lines that are suitable for every skin tone. Most of the featured makeup lines contain cruelty free and vegan products that are inclusive to multiple audiences as well.

1. The Lip Bar/The Lip Bar Detroit

The Lip Bar/The Lip Bar Detroit was founded here in the great state of Michigan in the city of Detroit by founder Melissa Butler in 2011. Melissa Butler started this makeup brand out of frustration for the lack of colorful and nude lipstick choices that were suitable for different skin tones on women of color. This brand has combated the issue of lipstick and lip glosses not complimenting women of color and have expanded their brand to selling blushes, foundations, lip liners, highlighters, and powders. Her rejection on the show Shark Tank in 2016 did nothing but propel this woman to keep expanding her business and to never give up. The best thing about this makeup brand is that it is located in Detroit and it is also vegan and cruelty free! 


2. Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie was founded by Cashmere Nicole in 2011. Cashmere Nicole had a vision to combine her love of sweets with the names of her makeup products. Despite her battle with breast cancer, Nicole has grown the Beauty Bakerie makeup line for five years despite the hardships she has gone through in her life. Nicole is now a breast cancer survivor and has remained resilient despite the adversities that come her way. The Beauty Bakerie is also 100% cruelty free and vegan. The brand is also popular for its no-smudge liquid lipsticks called “lip whip.” Beauty Bakerie products have been seen and featured on Beyoncé, Forbes, Teen Vogue, Allure, The Huffington Post, and many more.


3. Mented Cosmetics

In 2017, Mented Cosmetics was founded by two Harvard graduates, KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson, who were in search of the perfect nude lipstick for darker skin tones. They then found themselves creating an inclusive makeup brand geared towards women of color that can finally find their perfect lip shade that compliments their skin tone. KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson said, “We created Mented Cosmetics because we believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, no matter her skin tone.” They have now expanded their brand by producing blush, eyeshadow palettes, and stick foundations! Another plus is that their products are all vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic and cruelty free! 


4. Coloured Raine

Founded by Loraine R. Dowdy, Coloured Raine was founded in 2013 to encourage self-expression and diversity. Dowdy’s focus was also on including people of color in her makeup brand. In Dowdy’s words, “The mission behind the brand has always been to spread awareness of diversity through beauty and to embrace all aspects of color through unity.” The Coloured Raine brand is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadows that suit every skin tone and also for its lasting liquid lipsticks. All of her products are cruelty free and most of her products are vegan, paraben-free, and gluten free as well. Dowdy’s makeup products have been seen and featured in Essence, People, Bustle, Allure, Fashion Week, and The Huffington Post.

All of these makeup brands are inclusive and environmentally friendly for women who come from a plethora of backgrounds while spreading the awareness and importance of diversity in the beauty community. Hopefully you will be able to find some fun and new makeup products that suit not only your personality, but that also aligns with your personal beliefs.

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Kylar Daniels
Kylar is a sophomore at UM-Dearborn. She will be graduating with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Management. She became involved with the Michigan Journal at the beginning of her sophomore year as a Guest Writer, and now writes as a Staff Writer for the A&E Section. Due to her background in makeup artistry and as a makeup enthusiast, she likes to write about beauty, fashion, social media, and travel. Kylar is also on the Public Relations list for Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics. She plans to create her own blogging website in the future. Check her out on Instagram and LinkedIn: