Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally in Detroit

Photo//Kristin Orr

Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally Friday night at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit.

Sanders kicked off his four day weekend of rallies here in Detroit discussing healthcare, trade agreements, gun laws and abortion. He also called out his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, for being inconsistent with his ideologies. Sanders specifically called out Biden for being in favor of trade deals with NAFTA, whereas Sanders opposes them.

“If we are going to defeat Trump in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, it will be very hard for a candidate who voted for these disastrous trade agreements,” Sanders said.

Though Sanders pointed out the differences between him and Biden’s viewpoints, he did take a moment to mention that he and Biden would support one another when it’s time for the major election in November.

“Joe Biden has said if I win, he will support me, I have said if Biden wins, I will support him,” Sanders said to the crowd.

He also told the large crowd that he is pro-choice and believes that women should be in control of their own bodies. Sanders pointed out to the men in the crowd that they should be more supportive of women. “To the men who are here, if there was ever a moment that we men have got to stand with the women, it is that time.”

Photo//Kristin Orr

Besides speaking on what he plans to do if he wins the election, Sanders spoke to the crowd about the importance of getting out to vote, and how it should be the biggest voter turnout ever.

Though he didn’t speak of Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the race, he did receive support Friday night from Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib expressed her happiness for endorsing Sanders, along with Hon. Mary Sheffield and Dr. Cornel West.

Sanders is currently behind Biden in the polls, but he plans on getting Michigan’s vote for a second time since the 2016 primaries against former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Michigan has one of the largest delegates that is up for grabs Tuesday night.