With how rapidly things are changing across the University of Michigan- Dearborn’s campus and the nation, we asked the UM-Dearborn student body their opinions on the COVID-19 outbreak and the national toilet paper shortage. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

  • “I think the shortage reflects people taking a hold of something they can control in a time of fear.” – Erin
  • “Unnecessary and chaotic. :-/” – Nour
  • “I hope the student food pantry gets enough donations for the students that need it the most.” – Srini
  • “That upper respiratory illness don’t call for excessive TP to wipe your a** with.” – Kelsey
  • “Idk why it’s happening.” – Gabi
  • “Yay for social isolation but people shouldn’t hoard resources! It keeps others from getting them!” – Mady 
  • “The people buying it probably need it the most with all the crap they are spewing.” – Emily
  • “People should take it seriously and practice social distance when possible. But buying supplies in large quantities isn’t going to help the rest of the community out.” – Katy

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