A response to COVID-19 conspiracy theorists

Photo// economictimes.indistimes.com

Let me start with this: the coronavirus is not. a. joke. This is a serious, deadly virus and nations and states are not overreacting by implementing stay at home orders. They would not be happening if it were not serious. 

I have noticed a lot of angry posts on social media calling the pandemic a “hoax” and that by implementing these “Stay Home Stay Safe” orders, everyone’s rights as an American citizen are being taken away. I’m sorry, but is the right to assembly really going to do anything if no place is open to even assemble? 

Recently, people across America have been holding protests in front of state houses against the “Stay Home Stay Safe” orders. Everyone has the right to stand up for what they believe in and take the actions they deem necessary, but holding a sign in front of a mostly-empty state house is not going to cause any change. Even more, if it’s a large group of people protesting, chances are the risks for the virus are even higher. The virus is contagious and deadly, none of these “Stay Home Stay Safe” orders are being made lightly. 

I understand people missing social interaction, seeing friends and family or even going out to a place as taken-for-granted as the grocery store. But hundreds of thousands of people are dying and even more are getting diagnosed with the virus – this is not something to be blown off. 

I have to say that if nations across the world are reacting with the same, if not more aggressive, orders, that should be another sign that the pandemic is truly a pandemic. Staying away from each other and going into isolation may not be favorable to some, but it’s favorable to us all. Staying home and staying away from people who may be silent carriers of the disease is a protection for yourself and the world.

My hope is that one person reading this who may have doubt that the virus is really this serious realizes that “hey, maybe this is more than I thought it was” and decides to take these precautions to keep themselves and others safe. COVID-19 is real, it’s contagious and it’s deadly. Please take it seriously, protect yourself and protect others. The only way we can stop the spread is staying home and staying safe. It’s on us to end it.